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Government Jobs After Graduation for Women 2023

Last Updated : 17 Nov, 2023
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Government jobs are highly sought-after, especially for women. In a country like India, with a large female population, it is no wonder that women are seeking professional opportunities that can help them create an impact. A government job is a great option for that.

There is no shortage of government jobs after graduation for women. In fact, there are many options that one can explore to work in the public sector. If you are a graduate woman exploring government job opportunities, then you are on the right page! Scroll down to learn the best government job options that you should look out for!

Government Jobs After Graduation for Women

In recent times, women have proved their mettle in various fields. They have performed really well in many sectors, and the public sector is no different. Government jobs are popular among women because of the various benefits it provides them. Not only are government jobs stable and well-paying, but they also provide numerous other benefits to women. This makes them a perfect choice for those seeking secured employment opportunities.

There are many government jobs for graduate women, and we have mentioned them all below!

Reasons to Choose Government Jobs After Graduate for Women

Government jobs are great, but cracking them requires a certain level of dedication and effort. The exams are very competitive, and preparation can often get very stressful. It is understandable that before putting in your hard work, you would want to know the type of results it can bear for you. If you are a woman wondering whether a government job is the right fit for you or not, refer to the list of benefits below.

  • Better Work-Life Balance: When compared to the private sector, government jobs provide a better work-life balance. A government job has fixed hours and does not require you to put in extra hours of work. There is plenty of time for you to explore your other interests outside of work. This is especially important for women who want to work and also look after their families.
  • Job Security: One of the biggest reasons for the craze behind government jobs is job security. You are guaranteed a stable career after landing yourself a government job. Once you have it, there is no fear of termination or layoffs. Until you have reached your age of retirement, you can work seamlessly. This type of stability helps women grow and advance their careers without any stress. Government offices also offer leave on all public occasions enabling employees to celebrate all festivals with their families.
  • Maternity and Other Leaves: Government jobs have some of the best provisions for leaves for women who are soon to become mothers. There are multiple provisions for maternity leaves and other benefits that help them new mothers spend more time with their children. These policies encourage mothers to have a stress-free time with their children and bond with them until they are old enough to not require round-the-clock care.
  • Special Provisions: The government has planned various strategies and has many provisions in place that encourage women to apply for jobs in the government sector. Various government exams have specialized norms in place that provide age relaxation and fee concessions for all women candidates. Such measures are in place to include more women in the workforce and provide them with better career opportunities. Additionally, some government jobs are specifically reserved for women candidates which makes them easier to land.
  • Good Salary & Growth Opportunities: There are few jobs as perfect for women as government jobs. This is because they offer a handsome salary with many growth opportunities. Women often face biases and discrimination that can dampen their aspirations. However, in government jobs, they are provided with equal opportunities to showcase their skills and talent.

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Top Government Jobs for Women Graduates in 2023

Here is the complete list of government jobs for females in various government departments:

1. Railways Jobs for Female Graduates

Railways jobs are extremely popular in India. They are released by the Railway Recruitment Board in various regions across all states. Indian Railways is one of the biggest employers in the world, and it offers various opportunities for women as well. While the job may require you to transfer frequently which is a drawback, it is still a good career option. Indian railways provide some of the best benefits for any government job including a handsome yearly. Women who want to move forward in a secured career should definitely check the railway jobs out.

Below, we have mentioned some railways jobs options you can explore:

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2. SSC Jobs for Women After Graduation

SSC jobs by the Staff Selection Commission are extremely popular among women. These jobs provide women with the opportunity to work for central government. Not only are these jobs high paying, but they also consist of many benefits. Most of these jobs have high competition, but cracking them can set you up for life.

Here are a few SSC job options that women can consider after graduation.

  • SSC Stenographer

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3. SSC CGL Posts for Women

SSC CGL is one of the best government jobs after graduation for women. It has a plethora of posts that one can apply for based on their interests and qualifications.

Check out the list of various SSC CGL posts for women below.

  • Assistant
  • Assistant Audit Officer
  • Assistant Account Officer
  • Income Tax Inspector
  • Excise Inspector
  • Statistical Investigator Grade-II
  • Junior Statistical Officer
  • Auditor
  • Accountant
  • Junior Accountant
  • Tax Assistant
  • Upper Division Clerk

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4. UPSC Jobs for Women with Graduation

Union Public Service Commission posts some of the most prestigious government job vacancies. These posts are perfect for women as they provide them with an opportunity to make a real impact in their immediate surroundings.

Check out the UPSC government jobs for women after graduation below.

  • Indian Administrative Services (IAS)
  • Indian Foreign Service (IFS)
  • Indian Postal Service
  • Indian Railway Service (IRS)
  • Accounts and Auditing Services
  • Defence Accounts Service
  • Indian Customs and Central Excise
  • Indian Defence Estates Service
  • Indian Information Service
  • Indian Ordnance Factories Service
  • Central Trade Services

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5. Teaching Jobs for Women After Graduation

Teaching jobs are generally considered perfect for women. They have comfortable timing and many holidays. Every year, central and state governments release various teaching jobs that are extremely popular with women. Teaching jobs come with a handsome salary and have various levels based on your educational qualifications.

Check out the most popular teaching jobs for women after graduation below.

  • CTET
  • Super TET
  • KVS Recruitment
  • NVS Recruitment
  • Army Public School
  • PTET
  • UP TET
  • Bihar TET

6. Defence Jobs for Women After Graduation

Defence jobs are another great option for women to explore. In the past, there were limited opportunities for women in the defence sector. However, now the times have changed. More and more job operations are being released for women in all three branches of defence forces – Army, Navy, and Airforce.

Check out some of the popular job options for graduate women in defense:

  • SSCW – Non-Tech
  • SSCW – NCC)
  • SSCW – Judge Advocate Genera
  • SSCW – Technical Entry Scheme
  • Military Nursing Service
  • Air Traffic Controller
  • Observer
  • Ground Duty
  • Legal Jobs
  • Logistics
  • Naval Architecture

7. Insurance & Bank Jobs for Graduate Women

Banking jobs have been a favourite among aspirants for a long time. Almost everyone wants to land a job in the banking sector due to suitable timings and bank holidays. Women are no different, and fortunately, there are many opportunities for them in this field. Bank jobs are the best government jobs after graduation for women.

Check out some of them below to have your pick.

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High Salary Government Jobs for Female 2024

As already established, there are many government jobs after graduation for women. Even though all jobs have a wide scope, some of them pay better than others. Knowing the high-salary government jobs is a common query for many women, and rightly so!

Salary is an important consideration for many women as it can impact their standard of living and future plans. Hence, if you are looking for high-paying government jobs, then we have compiled a list for you below.

Government Jobs for Graduate Females

Salary (Per Month) INR

Civil Services

Rs. 56,100 to Rs.2,50,000

Defense Services

Rs. 56,100 to Rs.2,50,000

Banking Jobs

Rs. 56,100 to Rs.2,50,000


Rs. 24,000 to Rs.2,08,000


Rs. 19,900 to Rs.81,100


Rs. 58,000 to Rs.2,25,000


Rs. 57,700 to Rs.1,44,200

Research Scientist

Rs. 56,100 to Rs.2,25,000

Medical Jobs

Rs. 41,000 to Rs.2,25,000


The scope of government jobs for graduate women is quite wide, and there is no dearth of opportunities. Whether it is the ministries or the PSUs, there are many jobs that women can take up after graduation. Most government jobs are filled through exams that are held in various stages. There is a considerable amount of hard work and dedication required to crack these exams.

Hence, it is important to consider the job role and functions before choosing which one to focus on.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1: What are some of the most popular government jobs for women after graduation?


Some of the most popular government jobs for women after graduation include:

  • Civil Services Government Job
  • Public Relations Officer Government Job
  • Banking and Finance Government Job
  • Defence Services Government Job
  • Healthcare Administration Government Job
  • Education Sector Government Job
  • Judiciary Services Government Job
  • Environmental Officer Government Job
  • Foreign Affairs Specialist Government Job
  • Research Analyst Government Job
  • Human Resources Manager Government Job
  • Income Tax Officer Government Job
  • Railway Officer Government Job
  • Information Technology Specialist Government Job

Q2: What are the eligibility criteria for government jobs after graduation for women?


The eligibility criteria for government jobs after graduation for women vary depending on the specific position. However, some general eligibility criteria include:

  • Nationality: Indian citizen
  • Age: Minimum age limit varies depending on the position but is typically 18 years
  • Educational Qualification: Graduation from a recognized university with a minimum percentage of marks
  • Physical Fitness: Certain positions require candidates to meet specific physical fitness standards

Q3: Which is the toughest government exam in India?


UPSC is India’s toughest government exam due to its vast syllabus covering topics from Indian culture to global events. Aspiring candidates must have sound knowledge of their chosen subjects and current affairs to succeed.

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