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Google’s Online Challenge for 2021 Intern (India) Experience

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  • Difficulty Level : Medium
  • Last Updated : 20 Jul, 2021
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I saw a job posting on Google’s career page so I applied for the Google internship but without any hope, as I am from a tier – 3 colleges. But after some days I got an email regarding the test link and other credentials.

So, let’s talk about the coding test. 

The coding test was held on HackerEarth, it consists of 2 questions one was easy and the other one was a little tricky. We had 60 minutes to solve these questions. I solved both questions. So, the questions were like this:

Question 1: Unspecified Words

Problem Statement: There are N words in a dictionary such that each word is of fixed length M and consists only of lowercase English letters, that is (‘a’, ‘b’, ‘c’, ………’z’).

A query word is denoted by Q.  The length of a query word is M. These words contain lowercase English letters but at some places instead of a letter between ‘a’, ‘b’……’z’ there is ‘?’. Refer to the Sample Input section to understand this case.

A match count of Q, denoted by match_count(Q), is the count of words that are in the dictionary and contain the same English letters(excluding a letter that can be in the position of ‘?’) in the same position as the letters are there in the query word  Q. In other words, a word in the dictionary can contain any letters at the position of ‘?’ but the remaining alphabets must match with the query word.

You are given a query word Q and you have required to compute match_count.

Input format:

  • The first line contains two space-separated integers N and M denoting the number of words in the dictionary and length of each word respectively
  • The next N lines contain one word each from the dictionary.
  • The next line contains an integer denoting the number of query words for which you have to compute match_count,
  • The next Q lines contain one query word each.

Output format: For each query word print  match_count  for a specific word in a new line.


1<=N<=5 x 104

 Sample Input:

5   3 

Sample Output:


Question 2: XOR query

Problem Statement: I didn’t  remember the actual statement but it was something like we are given an array with a single element i.e 0 and after that, we have some queries which are of 2 types :

  1. Type 1: Insert the given element into the array
  2.  Type 2: XOR all the elements present in the array with the given element.

Input format:

  • An integer Q which represent the count of queries that are going to be asked
  • Q lines having two integers n and m
  • n represents the type of operation i.e 1 or 2
  • m represents the element that will be used to do operation according to the given type of operation.

Output format: Print the final array after all the given queries in sorted order.


n = 1 or 2

Sample Input:

1   3
1   5 
2   5
1   6
1   7
2   6

Sample Output:

0   0   1   6

It was such an amazing experience, now I am waiting for some good news.

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