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GOCG13: Google’s Online Challenge Experience for Business Intern | Singapore

Last Updated : 25 Oct, 2020
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Google’s Business Internship is open to students from all academic disciplines. Many intern roles within this program don’t require technical skills and could include working with advertiser or publisher accounts to develop compelling advertising solutions for brand advertisers, improving access to relevant information for millions of internet users, analyzing large sets of data, or developing scalable support solutions for rapid-growth internally or externally.

As an intern, you will be working on projects with high impact during a 10-12 week paid, full-time internship. You will be assigned an intern manager who will help to identify project goals, inspire and mentor you, and support your professional development.


  • There was 12 Multiple Choice Question(MCQs) type questions.
  • These questions had to be solved within a duration of 30 minutes.

Topics involved: The topics revolved around General Cognitive Ability and Role Related Knowledge. Questions were given to test the problem-solving skills of a potential candidate. These questions involved Flow-Chart representations, Linear Algebra, Letter Coding,  Logical Deductions, and Relationships.

Questions asked: Some of the questions asked revolved around the following scenarios:

  1. Question on a Flow-Chart representation: The flowchart depicted the Ticket Management System of a customer. This question was to assess a candidate’s understanding of a given flowchart and to draw deductions from the same.

  2. Question-based on simple Linear Algebra: If P+ Q = 154 and  P – Q = 62. Find the corresponding value of Q.

  3. Question on Letter Coding was there: If PENGUIN is written as PIUGNEN then what will ALBATROSS be written as?

  4. Question on work to be completed: If X(name) and Y(name) take N days to complete a given task and it is also noticed that Y is thrice as fast as X. How long will X take to finish the task alone?

  5. Questions on Assumptions were asked: If x were greater than 0, draw conclusions from the below statements:

    Statement 1: x5 - 32 = 0
    Statement 2: x4 - 16 = 0


    • Are both Statements required to prove the theory?
    • Only statement 1 is enough
    • Only statement 2 is enough
    • Both statements are false
  6. Question on Relationships: There are 7 people; Charlie, Robin, Alex, Taylor, Jamie, Joe, Bobby who visit parks around their area; Locust Park, Avenham Park, Grandlin Park, 32 Avenue Park, and Franklin Park not necessarily in the same order.

    Charlie visits Locust Park on Thursday, Bobby visits parks except on Sundays. Alex and Joe visit parks on Saturday and Tuesday respectively. Taylor visits the Avenham Park while Franklin Park is open on Mondays and Jamie does not visit Grandlin Park on Wednesday. Who visits Franklin Park?

And many more…

Note: The above-mentioned questions are not exactly similar to the ones asked in the test, these questions are to provide an idea as to what kind of questions might appear in the test.

Experience: I personally found the questions fairly simple and easy to understand and can easily be solved within the stipulated time duration.


  • Prepare well for Logical Reasoning type of Questions. This includes Letter coding, Number patterns, Assumptions, Logical Deductions, and Relationships among various entities.
  • Keep a track of time and do not spend too much time on a question you are unsure about.
  • If you have a doubt in a particular question, visit the question once you have completed the remaining questions.

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