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Goldman Sachs Internship Experience | On-Campus

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  • Difficulty Level : Basic
  • Last Updated : 17 Aug, 2019

Online Test:

It was a 2 hour online test which was conducted on Hackerrank. It consisted of two coding question and one advanced coding question, 10 mcqs and two personality based questions.

  1. Coding Question 1: You’re given a DFA: number of states, starting state, accepting states list, it’s transition table. How many strings of length l can be accepted by it?
  2. Coding Question 2: It was modified Camel Banana Puzzle( We had to write a code for this problem.
  3. Coding Question 3(Advanced): I don’t remember the problem well. There were 4 friends in a 2D matrix, each can move in any of the 4 directions(N, S, E, W). Given there initial coordinates, find the point where they should meet such that some of distance covered by each of them is minimized.
  4. MCQs: Questions were based on probability, differential equations, C output questions, a fibbonacii based puzzle.
  5. Subjective questions: When you took a decision with incomplete information? What is the biggest Challenge you faced in your life?

Interview 1: It began with a formal introduction. Then, he asked about my technical skills. He asked me people and a bridge puzzle question. Then, he asked me if I can write its code. He asked a few more puzzles followed by the their code. Then, he asked me to write some coding questions in the most optimised form. At the end, any questions for me?

Interview 2: This round also began with formal introduction. She asked me about why I want to work at Goldman sachs, a puzzle question followed by a real situation where I had to give her necessary conditions to code. Then she asked me a recursion based question.

Interview 3: He asked about if I have worked on any project. He asked about if I do competitive programming followed by my favourite coding question. Some questions about my college club, I’m working in. Then, he asked some puzzles and a probability question. Then some dbms questions based on queries. A data structure question based on tree and a optimisation based coding question (he also provided hints for the same).

Tips: Practice puzzles well because it is the inevitable part of gs interview. The stuff on geek for geek for preparing for such interviews is very useful. Go through it well.


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