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Goldman Sach Internship Interview Experience

Last Updated : 01 Sep, 2020
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College: IIT(ISM) DHANBAD Date: 22-8-2020

Round 1: Coding round on Hackerrank Platform with few MCQ and aptitudes.

5 Section:

  1. Section 1: Two coding questions to be done in 30 min only. One medium and one easy level question
  2. Section 2: CS MCQ 20 minutes 8 MCQ
  3. Section 3: Maths and Quant 18 Min 7 MCQ
  4. Section 4: Hard 1 Coding question 45 min
  5. Section 5: 2 Essay 15 min total

Shortlist Criteria: GS follow GPA+TEST Score

Round 1(30 minutes): Zoom for video Call and Hackerank Codepair feature for coding. The first round was taken by a female Interviewer. First She said Hello, and How are you and then tell me to Introduce myself. Then she moved to the data structure and algorithm part. She opens 1 question in Hackerank code pair, and we have to explain the solution and write the working code as you have to pass

System test cases in hackerank.

  • Question: Given a palindromic String you have to change exactly one character such that resultant string is not a palindrome, and it is lexicographically smaller than all possible answer and it should be also smaller than the given string. If there is no possible answer print “Impossible” otherwise print the resultant string.


string a="abba" output="aaba"
String "aabaa" output="Impossible"

I have successfully coded the question, and then she asked me to explain one of your favorite projects. You don’t want to explain in deep just the basic overview. Then he asked about Technolgy Used in project etc.

  • Next she asked me about different types of joins in DBMS.
  • Next she asked me to define abstraction and Polymorphism.
  • Next she asked me to tell different design patterns in C++. I don’t have any knowledge so I said I don’t know the answer.She said Its.

Atlast, she asked If you have any questions for her.

Round 2 (30 minutes): The interviewer was quite experienced, and he started with introducing himself and then asked me to introduce myself.

He started with puzzles.

  1. There are 4 stairs and 4 persons are standing on each stair. There is a cardboard in front of 4th person, so he cannot see anyone. Person 3 can see person 2 and person 1. Person 2 can see Person 1. They are wearing 2 Red and 2 Black hats. You have to tell whether any person can make a correct guess of his hate color(a person cannot see his hate color).
  2. There are 5 unbiased coins you have to tell the Probability of getting exactly two head coins.
  3. There are 8 balls that look similar in appearance and there is one heavy ball among them you have a measuring device that can measure the relative weight( IN HINDI CALLED TARAJU). You can place any number of balls on both sides. You have to find the minimum number of time you have to use that device to find the weighted ball.

Then he asked what if the number of the ball were 28.

Then how many maximum balls we can measure given that we can use the device almost 6 times.

General formula for the ball and the minimum number of time you have to used device.

Now he moves to Problem-solving.

  1. Given an array of the positive number you can perform at most k operation and in one operation you can take any element and remove that element from the array add the ceil(a[i]/2) value element to the array. Find the minimum sum after performing at most K operations. (He doesn’t want me to code just tell the logic).

At last, he said he is done you can ask me any question.

Round 3 (25-30 minutes): The interviewer is Vice-President at GS. He said that you have got very good feedback from previous rounds and you have a good score in the test. Then he asked me about my achievement and he was very much impressed. Then he started with a question: 

  1. Find number of ways to go from(0,0) to (10,10)
  2. Then he asked me If you are comfortable in Probability I said No, so he said no problem we can ask something very different and new to you.
    • Find unit place digit in 2^130
    • Find tens place digit in 2^130

He said he is very much impressed and now will ask only 1 coding question.

  1. Given a string of length n and m unique characters you have to find the minimum length of substring which contains all m unique character. Only logic no need to code

He said he is done and now he started explaining my role in the internship he has also said about my profile also in which I am going to work and at last he said just ask as many questions you want to ask me.

So all my interviews were very good. I have answered all questions correctly.

Unfortunately, I was rejected.

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