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General Keyboard Shortcuts For Visual Studio Code

Last Updated : 14 Feb, 2023
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Visual Studio Code in a free open-source Integrated Development Environment managed by Microsoft. This is IDE is available for Windows, Mac, and Linux. These days are the most popular IDE used by software developers all across the world. As we all know the keyboard is the weapon of choice for a good developer. Keyboard-shortcuts provide a much faster and smoother development experience. And to master, all the tips and tricks weapon takes a lot of effort and time. In software like Visual Studio Code, there are hundreds or maybe even more than a thousand shortcuts. To have a look at these shortcuts you can click on the setting icon in the lower-left hand region and select keyboard shortcuts. Or being a developer you should simply use this shortcut CTRL+S CTRL+K and a list of all shortcuts will appear. Vs-code also gives us the option to customize the pre-existing shortcuts or to add one. We can also download specific extensions to have custom shortcuts.

So, here are the top six most important keyboard shortcuts for faster development in vs-code.

1. Ctrl+Shift+P, F1 ⮕ Show Command Palette 

This shortcut opens the command palette in the vs-code, where we can search for the other commands. For example, if someone is working on HTML and wants to format the lines of code, but he/she doesn’t know the command then the command palette comes in handy to search commands.

2. Cltr+P ⮕ Quick open, Go to file 

This shortcut opens a quick access window where we can search for and specific file from the project we are working on and open it. It comes very handy especially when the project size is big.

3. Cltr+Shift+N ⮕ New window/instance 

This shortcut opens a completely new window or instance of VS Code where we can open another workspace to work on a different project.

4. Cltr+Shift+W ⮕ Close window/instance 

This shortcut opens closes the instance or the window of vs-code in which work is being done currently.

5. Cltr+, ⮕ User Setting 

This shortcut opens the settings window. Here we can take a look at the present settings or change it if required.

6. Cltr+K Cltr+S ⮕ Keyboard Shortcuts 

This shortcut opens a new tab containing the list of all present shortcuts in vs-code.

Note: Some shortcuts are keyboard dependent they might fine on one machine, but we may need to press the function key on another for it to work.

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