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Galaxe Solutions Interview Questions

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Below is the list of Questions asked in Galaxe Solutions technical interview for a java full stack developer:

1. What is ActiveMQ and JMS?
2. How to process multiple messages in the queue?
3. What are the configurations required in ActiveMQ?
4. In a class we have three different methods with same name and parameter as short, int and long, if we pass “2” in the method as a parameter, which method will be called?
5. What is an abstract class?
6. Variables can be abstract in an abstract class?
7. What is final keyword?
8. If I declare a method as final what will happen?
9. If I make a method private what will happen?
10. What is a constructor?
11. Can we instantiate an abstract class?
12. Can we have constructor for an abstract class?
13. What is data redundancy problem?
14. Suppose you developed a service, if you hit that service, how many threads will be created?
15. 100 consumers consuming at a time, how many threads are created?
16. Which concept is used to expose your service?
17. What is Neo4j?
18. How to write service contract in SOAP?
19. What is the request format and what is its structure (SOAP xml Structure)?
20. Suppose you get an exception while calling a web service which kind of response you will receive? 21. Which kind of xml you will receive in case of an exception?
22. Is there any configuration required to make a web service?
23. How to create a customized exceptions?
24. Which kind of approach to follow to create a customized exception?
25. What is the difference between checked and unchecked exception?
26. Try/catch/finally, all have some statements, every block we have a return statement, what will be the flow?
27. What are the access modifiers?
28. Which all modifiers can be used for a class?
29. If you want to query giving some conditions which query to use in hibernate?
30. You want to restrict number of columns to be displayed, how to do that in hibernate?
31. What is resultset?
32. How to call a procedure from hibernate?
33. What is prepared statement?
34. REST vs SOAP?
35. How to provide security to the web service?
36. What is authentication and authorization?
37. How to provide authentication and authorization to your service?
38. What is Jenkins?
39. What is maven?
40. What is the hierarchy to download the jars through maven?
41. Which place the jars are downloaded and kept when downloaded through Maven?
42. From where the jars will be downloaded?
43. What is settings.xml?
44. Do you know nexus?
45. How to create spring beans?
46. What are transactions?
47. What is a thread, why threads are required?
48. What we can achieve with parallel processing?
49. what is AOP?
50. How do we use aspects in spring AOP?
51. What is git?
52. What is bitbucket?
53. What is the difference between git and bitbucket?
54. Difference between get and load in hibernate?
55. What are exceptions faced in hibernate?
56. How to write queries in Neo4j?

Hope this helps in the preparation for the interview for Galaxe Solutions.

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Last Updated : 05 Dec, 2018
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