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Futuristic Solution to Privacy and Security in online social media

Last Updated : 30 Sep, 2022
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Social media has become an important part of our lives. This has led to rising of lots of messaging apps like Messenger, WhatsApp and so on. These are great for communication and have a lot of features for people to communicate effectively. On one side there is an uprising advent of technology in people communication, on the other side, it also has its own disadvantages. These are few of the major disadvantages that these messaging apps present.

  1. Privacy –
    The price we pay for using free messaging services is our privacy. Our own interest, personal information is sold to different companies in form of data. We can do nothing about this malicious use of our personal data.
  2. Clunky Services –
    Some of the features these messaging services provide like voice calling and video calling does not perform smoothly all the time. It leads to lots of trouble for the consumer.
  3. Data Loss –
    There is a loss of data while the sender sends the message and the receiver receives it. You may not observe it but there is a loss of data.
  4. Regulation –
    These services are banned in many countries and are not available worldwide. Due to its disadvantages, many countries have opted out of this service. People of those countries have been unable to access this services.

If you want to look for how to remain safe and use social media wisely you can refer to this gfg article. What’s the solution, the alternative to this messaging apps. We can implement new technology in these messaging apps to tackle these specific problems.

  • Blockchain
    One of the front-runner technology is Blockchain. There are lots of blockchain messaging apps launched in the market to provide an alternative to people to have a safer and secured communication.Blockchain-based instant messaging might be the next cool thing.The search has proved to be a boost for already-existing decentralized social networks, that claim to be fundamentally more secure and ensuring speed, authenticity, and verifiability.

    No one can know the details of your message except for the receiver and yourself in the decentralized network. There is a minimum loss of data and services provided are effectively increasing the value of sending, sharing and communication. Blockchain can create a path for new online messaging startups due to its decentralized network, enhanced performance, and other effective features. Blockchain technology is a tough nut to crack for hackers.

  • Deep Learning
    Chatbots have now being implemented to think, feel and respond according to the user’s requirements. A lot of precise thinking and work goes into making a Chatbot as approachable, sensible and fully functioning as possible. Chatbots run on algorithms that use ‘Deep Learning’. They provide a wide variety of benefits like responsiveness, the capacity to process large volumes, removal of human error, low maintenance costs and time-saving, Chatbots have also formed a space for themselves in a company’s marketing strategy.

  • Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Image Recognition
    The depth of knowledge and programming along with intensive analytics is brought to the table by AI. The AI software along with an automated vision software can be combined to create Image Recognition. Image Recognition on Facebook is one such thing that you must have observed. Other examples include Google Image Recognition, Amazon Recognition amongst others. They can be used to provide security to users in social media in many ways.

These are some of the futuristic solutions to the problems posed by the social media of today. You might be using your daily messaging apps with these technologies implemented in the near future. Technology needs to evolve to meet the current generation user’s demand and requirements of a better, faster and secured communication.

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