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Donald Trump Launches His New Social Media App ‘Truth Social’ on iOS

Last Updated : 22 Sep, 2023
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Former US President Donald Trump has again made the headlines by launching his new social media venture “Truth Social” on Monday. Being banned from all the social media platforms Trump took this decision of starting his own application, which has been listed on the Apple Store in the United States. 

This application has a resemblance to Twitter from where Trump was banned in the first place. He made Truth Social as same as Twitter because he preferred the same very much. The application has been developed by Trump’s new media company T Media Tech LLC. The app size is 12.4 MB and can be used free of cost. Although the app has not been launched for Android users, which they will get in some time.

The main idea behind starting Truth Social is to give a platform to the active or constructive politicians who are banned or blocked from Twitter for giving their opinions or creating chaos among people. As we all know that in the year 2021 Donald Trump was blocked from Twitter as he was accused of posting violence-inciting messages. Thus, this incident gave him the inspiration to build his own application on which everyone will be allowed to give their point of view.

The launch of this app Truth Social was announced last year in October 2021 and on 21st February 2022, it is was ready to download for Apple users. Although there has been a complaint from many users that they were not able to create an account and has been provided with the message “Due to massive demand, we have placed you on the waitlist.” But it is not the problem with everyone and many individuals were able to register on the same.

However, the application is similar to Twitter, but then it will not have tweets and the individual posts will be referred to as “Truths” which the users will be able to watch on their “truth feed.” And if you like something and want to share it with your followers or friends then you can “retruth” it from your handle. Trump started using the platform by posting his first Truth, which said, 

“Get ready! Your favorite President will see you soon.” Its screenshot was shared by his son Donald Trump Jr. on Tuesday.  

Whereas Truth Social is not Trump’s first attempt in launching a social media application. Last year in May, he launched a blog platform that did not even run beyond a month and was shut down.

Truth Social has been launched to save people from social media discrimination and provide them with a platform where they can share their opinion without being blocked. 
The app allows a large number of followers and will show your history of liked posts. Apart from that, it will also show the latest thoughts of people and things that interest you, which means you will be connected with everyone on the same platform. In this application, you will also be able to follow famous personalities and see their posts regularly.

Truth Social same like other social media applications support notifications and personal message features, making it more convenient for use. However, all these features are the same as Twitter, and these things were also confirmed in the leaked screenshot of the application. In which the interface was of red color and as confirmed by the executives of the company it has also been revealed that the app will not provide edit button for the “Truths” posted once. Besides this, the users can also get a verified account same as Twitter, but criteria have not been fixed for the same.

Although it supports all the features the biggest question that arises is of the privacy policy. Under the privacy policy, this social media app will also collect contact information from your device, search history which will be further used in the data collection. Hence, the users are responsible for what they search and post. 

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