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Future of Enterprise Resource Planning(ERP)

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  • Difficulty Level : Basic
  • Last Updated : 29 Jan, 2021

Enterprise Resource Planning(ERP) is the practice of consolidating an Enterprise’s planning, manufacturing, sales, and marketing efforts into one management system. It combines all databases across the department into a single database that can be accessed by employees of the organization.


Future of ERP:

1. Increased Demand of ERP as Now:

  • As the time fleet, the new generation wants to focus more on starting the startup as compared to working as an Employee due to this the demand for ERP systems will rise.
  • At the same point, the pressure of ERP vendors will increases because they have to meet the requirements of users and provide a user-friendly ERP system.
  • As more user-friendly ERP is manufactured by vendor’s it results in using new and advantage technology which will satisfy both users and vendors.

2. Implementation of IoT in ERP: 

  • As new technology arises, every ERP vendor will try to use new technology in order to become top in the market as well as meets the user requirement. So In future use of IoT in ERP exist where an employee can automate, link, and sync the various things and handle through their ERP modules provided to them.
  • For example -In a University, if a teacher wants to send Marks detail and feedback to both Parents and Teachers instead of sending through mail one by one. The teacher can mail it to the student, parents and print it at the same time with one click.

3. Shifting to Cloud-Based ERP:

  • As in today’s world most of the ERP marketplace using a Server for the ERP database. The future of ERP will be Shifted to Cloud because as the demand for ERP increases it becomes more difficult to store data in Servers because a large amount of data is less secured in the server due to fear of any disaster.
  • Most of the ERP will be shifted to the cloud which not only Secures the database of ERP Marketplace but also explores more features of it to enhance their performance.

4. Mobile Based ERP:

  • As we know people feel more resistance to switching from Mobiles to Desktop, PC. Also, currently, ERP is usable in mobile but it is less user-friendly in Mobiles as compared to accessing ERP on Computers and Laptops.
  • The Future of ERP will be available on Mobile phones as People love more to do work by touching the screen as compared to typing on the keyboard or clicking on the mouse.

5. Improved Business Intelligence:

  • Currently, Business intelligence gained decent popularity with various Artificial Intelligence Tools.
  • In Future the Business Intelligence will gain more popularity by developing tools that solve complex problems in easy ways.

6. Establishment of New Marketplace:

  • As the time fleet, the popularity of ERP Marketplace is at the high because all businesses even small or large will set up themselves online through ERP and this results in more establishment of ERP Marketplace with new features. This will not only make ERP cheap but also increase Competition among various ERP marketplace.
  • Future trends of ERP will play a special role in the growth of market requirements and trends. As time passes the more complex problems can be solved in simple user-friendly which not only helps to make growth in the business sector but also encourage Youngsters to go for Starting a Startup.

7. Careers in ERP in the Future:

  • In today’s world getting a job in ERP is touch as compared to others because it requires lots of skill sets and also chances of getting a job is a little bit difficult as compared to others but in future, as the more advanced technologies are coming which are not only easy to learn but also solve complex problems.
  • Also in the future the startup, business is running all over these demands more ERP vendors and ERP Creator’s which results in more openings for Jobs in that particular field. Hence, the chances of getting Job in the ERP sector are easy.

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