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Overview of Enterprise Service Management (ESM)

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We are more familiar with the word Enterprise. In this article we will know about Enterprise Service Management, how it is different from ITSM and finally the benefits that we get from this ESM.

Enterprise Service Management :

Enterprise service management is shortly known as ESM. Enterprise is often referred to as a startup company. A company generally consists of various departments having teams with certain expertise. Such as Human Resources (HR), facilities, customer service, marketing, finance, security and legal. These teams are benefited from ESM.  

Let’s understand how they are benefited from the following definition. 

  • Enterprise service management is the process of implementing ITSM principles to help business teams within the enterprise to improve their performance and service delivery.
  • ESM enables the information flow between various departments in an organization and integrates activities with external resources involved in the service business process.
  • It can be used to deploy knowledge management through existing knowledge and procedures to offer a single point of access to the information for the teams to get the answers regarding taking a day off, payroll, etc.…

Now, what is ITSM ?

ITSM stands for Information Technology Service Management. It is nothing but the complete management of services offered by IT teams to their customers. ESM is like an extension of ITSM because it’s derived from ITSM.  

IT Service Management helps IT teams to improve their performance, responsiveness and effective delivery by properly structuring the design, implementation and delivery of services.  

Examples of ESM are,  

  • Building a service desk that can be used by all the teams within an organization.
  • Self-service provider. Such as chatbots that can handle & answer all the common questions of customers.
  • Make use of Automation.

This helps the users to get their doubts solved right away from anywhere and at any time. And plenty of time is also saved for IT teams on the customer’s support. ESM-based systems track the business resources that include people, components and assets concerned in the organization.  

To be precise, service management software facilitates uninterrupted communications between the customer and the service desk. By creating trackable tickets and using an established set of best implementations.

6 main benefits of ESM :

The benefits one can have through ESM are depending on the implementation of its principles. The following are some of the advantages of ESM that entice enterprises to adapt ESM.  

  1. Improved productivity and reduced operational costs : Smooth information flow among the departments and the use of automation can potentially reduce the Additional manpower requirements.
  2. More control and administration : Internal controls of an organization and tracking for tracking the work contribution of a team, enterprise service management can be utilized.
  3. Maximize your return on investment(ROI) on ITSM solutions : The more business teams use ITSM and ESM solutions, the higher and better ROI comes.
  4. Improve communication and collaboration within business teams : ESM offers an effective way to create requests, complete onboarding and integrated view of services. This leads to better communication and collaboration.
  5. Improved employees and customers satisfaction : ESM provides the best practices to the service providers and it ensures that they are provided with sufficient training and support to do their job confidently. Service providers are satisfied because they know what is expected from them and how they can do it. This results in better service offerings of providers and better service experiences for the customers.
  6. Improved visibility : The management can monitor performance and progress and make critical decisions by having a clear and complete view of operations within the organization.

Bottom line : Why ESM ?   

To set up seamless communication and coordination among the various departments within an organization – one point access. To reduce the expenses of operating a business and also the workloads of departments by automation. Lastly, for having higher efficiency and improved satisfaction of both the employees as well as the customers.  

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Last Updated : 26 Jul, 2021
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