Freshworks Interview Experience Onsite- SE-1

The interview is comprised of  telephonic round , 3 onsite interview and 1 hr discussion over call.

The telephonic interview is  regarding the overview there is 1-1 discussion about the role and a little bit on my current work and previous work.
I was called for onsite interview after that in the coming Saturday.

Onsite first round was 1-2 interview panel where Question are all around dataStructure and Algorithmic.



    3. n queen problem.

Another round was again on DS and algo and little bit touched on operating system and database

  1. Finding maximum sum square matrix used kadane and some optimisation.
  2. Another question is on linked-list reversal which is quite trivial am not sure how this came to the mind of interviewer.
  3. Asked about thrashing and way to handle  it.
  4. Memory management techniques used by operating system.
  5. Some concept related to atomicity and consistency .

    Third round was mostly on design and little coding.
    Designing tiny url with couple of constrains. Further question went on how it can be handled under distributed environment. caching and improving the db query.
    Another rat maze famous ds question, minimum no of steps require to reach the end block.

    After the third round the hr called me for the final discussion, where they have common kind of Hr question.

    I got the offer letter 3 days after that.

    Ps please read common question of amazon and ms given in geeksforgeeks, for design round take help of


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