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Flipkart Interview Experience| Set 38 (On-Campus for SDE)

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I was interviewed on-campus for Software Development Engineering (SDE1) role Flipkart.

Coding round: (90 minutes)

Coding round was done on hackerrank .

  1. Given two numbers a and b, find kth digit from right of a^b. (Naïve method will only help you to pass half of the test cases)
  2. Second question was based on reducing a given expression in its smallest form and printing lexicographically smaller expression.
  3. You are provided with n and m values which denote the rows and columns. Rajesh starts at top most cell (0, 0). He will not visit the visited cell.
    1. He moves to the point towards his right
    2. If he cannot move one point to the right, he rotates right and then takes the path to the right
    3. If after performing 4 rotate operations, if he cannot move then he would stop

Print the number of cells visited by him.

Sample 1:

3 3

Output: 9


1 2 9

4 3 8

5 6 7

The problem can be solved using dynamic programming but there is also a logical way to solve it in less time.

Interview Round 1:

Duration: 1 hour

  1. Given two arrays of length n and n-1, all elements of both the arrays are same except one. Find the odd element out, giving O (1) solution.
  2. Given two binary trees (not any special tree like binary search tree or red black tree) with n and n-1 nodes respectively, find the odd node out.
  3. Given two binary search trees with n and n-1 nodes respectively with all elements same except one, find the odd node.
  4. Given an array where each element signifies the number of cells which can be skipped, find the minimum number of steps taken to reach the last cell of the array. One has to start at index 0 and always move forward either by skipping cells by number given or by one.


Practice writing pseudo codes on paper and focus on reducing the time and space complexity.

Interview Round 2:

Duration: 1 hour

  1. Given two words (beginWord and endWord), and a dictionary of words, find all shortest transformation sequence(s) from beginWord to endWord, such that:
    1. Only one letter can be changed at a time
    2. Each intermediate word must exist in the dictionary
  2. Design a data structure such that it can be used to do the following operation

Insertion: O(1)

Deletion: O(1)

Search: O(1)

FindRand: O(1) this will return any element stored with each element having equal probability.

Hint: Random number generator of the system can be used.

Interview Round 3:

Duration: 1 hour

This was the final HR round where general questions were asked. Questions were asked from resume mainly focusing on projects you have done.

Round 4:

Duration: 10 minutes

Given 1 GB memory space write the pseudo code to print the maximum occurring string at any point of time where the size of the list of string can be of 10 GB and are updated dynamically.



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Last Updated : 16 Dec, 2015
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