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Flipkart Interview Experience | Set 33 (For SDE-1)

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Flipkart has done a drive in Delhi. Round 1: Machine Coding You are given some equations which may contain > or = on different-different operand. For example there are valid input and invalid (a=5, b<a=50)
 String e1 = "a>b=1";
 String e2 = "a>b=2";
 String e3 = "a>c>e=3";
 String e4 = "a>c>f=4";
 String e5 = "b>a=5";
 String e6 = "a>b>c=5";
 String e7 = "b=7";
 String e8 = "a>b>c>d=99";
 String e9 = "a>b=99";

You need to create JSON string from it. 
 ‘a’: {
 ‘b’: [1,2,99],
 ‘c’: {
‘b’: {
 ‘a’ : 5

Highlighted one are invalid because they come they ask for overwrite the data (a>b>c = 5; C has e and f so we can overwrite. Input: You are given those string in string array Output: Construct JSON Print it If you print in same as above (nice manner) +point I solved this problem using Trie One can see my implementation at here: Round 2: Face To Face Algo DS 1. Do a level order traversal for a tree where order of printing is reversed on each level. First i gave O(n2) solution they asked for less complexity solution. I then gave BFS solution by keeping a FIFO queue. 2. You are given a file of parent child relations. Data is huge consist of millions of lines.
 parent  child
  a   ->   b
  c   ->   d
  e   ->   f
Provide a data structure to keep data in the memory. Provide a solution to keep data in permanent storage. 3. You are given a 2*2 matrix which contains cost of visiting each cell. You have to find lowest cost path from 0,0 to m,n where cost is minimum. You can move only in down and right direction. I gave a DP solution with complexity O(mn)

Last Updated : 03 Aug, 2015
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