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Expedia on campus internship interview experience

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Expedia visited our campus for interns on 5th Sept. 

Round 1: Online technical round hosted on Hackerrank. This round comprised 2 coding questions and 10 Mcq’s. Duration of test was 90 minutes. 

Mcq’s were from Data structure, Algorithm and Aptitude. 

Coding question 1: We are given some coins and a maximum height and we want to arrange them in a way like stairs such that sum of the height of stairs do not exceed max height.Example in first row we can put 1 coin, in row 2 we can put 2 coins in row 3 we can put 3 coins and so on. Find total number of rows that can be formed. 

My approach: simple 1+2+3…….<=max height. Let number of rows be n so n*(n+1)/2=max height. Simple quadratic equation there will be two roots positive one will be our answer. 


Coding question 2: We are given m cars on a lane with their starting and ending points and length of the road n. Find the length of max gap on the road where there are no cars. 

constraints: 1<=m<=exp(10, 5), 1<=n<=exp(10, 9). 

My approach: Merge all the overlapping intervals and then take the max length of all the disjoint intervals.Somehow like this

31 students were shortlisted after this round for interviews among 392 students. 

Interview process

Round 1: He asked me to tell me about myself for 5 minutes. Then he asked me a puzzle then later asked me to write a code that gives segmentation fault he told me to write proper code with all the syntax intact.He told if any of the syntax gets wrong it would deduct marks. 

Round 2: He first asked me to rate myself on Data structure, Algorithm and language in which i code on a scale of 10.Then he asked me a ques given an array count number of pairs as well as print those pairs which are reverse(similar to palindrome) of each other. 

eg. arr={36, 1, 1000, 2, 18, 63, 81} it should print ans as 3. {36, 63}, {18, 81}{1, 1000}. 

Second ques: Given a word in a dictionary search a word efficiently I told him that it can be done using storing all words in a map and then searching for that particular word he told me to optimise further I told it can be done using trie data structure then he asked me to implement trie from scratch including search and insert function.

Round 3: This round went very long the interviewer seemed very strict. He asked a few questions similar to system design. 

  1. Companies like Zomato and Uber use concepts of average for displaying rating like if they have 2000 customers it takes average of all ratings and display it so he asked is average a good idea if not design an alternate system.I said average is not a good idea as an element with high standard deviation distorts the mean then i gave them an alternate solution using regression and classification.
  2. There are people who want to go at different floors using an elevator minimize the total waiting and average time of the people. I told him an approach similar to Scan and Cscan page replacement algorithm in OS then he told me to something better then i wrote an algorithm using greedy approach.
  3. Situation based question given a reputed hotel which has a huge customer base and a decent rating suddenly the best cook of the hotel left. Since hotel has a huge customer base it will take along time to a significant drop of rating of the hotel how can the customers can know by seeing the rating that the cook is no more available in that hotel.

Then some behavioral questions like why Expedia and finally he told me to ask if I have any questions for him(read a little about the company, the technologies they work on and ask question related to that it lefts a good impact of yours on the interviewer.) 

Other questions which were asked to me and my other friends were: 

  2. Implement hashmap(this was their favourite and were asked to many candidates.)
  5. Rat in a maze problem.
  7. Check whether a given tree is BST or not
  8. There are n+1 natural nos in size of array n find the missing number.
  9. Let an array of positive and negative nos find out smallest positive no not present in the array.
  10. Lastly go through Geeks for Geeks puzzles.

I would like to thank geeks for geeks and all the contributors who contributed to interview experiences it helped me a lot during my interview preparations. 

Final verdict: Selected! 

This article has been contributed by Aishwary kumar.

Last Updated : 14 Sep, 2021
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