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Expedia Interview Experience | On-Campus for FTE 2020

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  • Last Updated : 27 Sep, 2020

Expedia visited our campus for hiring FTEs as well as Interns. I would like to share about my experience in the recruitment process for FTE role.

Round-1: Online Test (Test Duration: 1.5 hours)

The first round was conducted on HackerRank, which consisted of 2 coding problems and 12 MCQ questions including the concept of sorting algorithms, the basic concept of OOPS in c++ as well as Java, some basic output results. 

The Coding questions were not that difficult :

  1. Given vector of strings, each string made of a combination of parenthesis, output the answer in the form of vector for each string whether balanced or not. Very similar to the basic Check for Parenthesis.
  2. This was a basic implementation based question to convert the given date that is “23rd Apr 2012” to “2012-04-23”, not any logic involved just basic bruteforce solution.

The coding round was not very difficult to crack if you are thorough with your basic coding skills. around 50 were shortlisted for the next round.

Round-2: Technical Round 1

  • First technical round, starting with some introduction and talking about of your projects or earlier internships.
  • Then he asked me which data structure would I like to continue with, I went ahead with linked list. *I always suggest you to go with whatever data structure you are most comfortable with, never try to impress by saying you are comfortable with everything*. So he asked a problem of rearranging the linked list in alternate fashion, we implemented this whole code on codeshare platform shared by him as this was not face to face.
  • Then afterwards some oral questions simply about detecting loops and then finding the node where the loop starts.
  • After that he asked me a puzzle of Pills, we solved it together.
  • Then any questions for the interviewer which we always have to ask one, never say no here.

Round-3: Technical Round 2

This round was purely focussed on my Data Structure skills after a quick introduction and project discussion

In each question, she along with my approach also focussed on checking whether I could write an error free code as well and checked with the dry run or even compiling it.

These two rounds were compulsory, After this 22 were selected for the behavioural round the last one.

Round-4: Behavioural Manager Round

In this Round he asked me many situational questions which we would generally be facing while working in the company or have had already any experiences of failure, how would you deal with criticism, how much you like challenges, why should we hire you, like that.

After this round only 11 were selected, I was one of them. I really Thanks GeeksForGeeks for helping me in preparing for the interviews and everything. Just go through as many questions as you can on Data Structures and Puzzles from here and you should get the confidence of clearing any interview.

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