Epicor Interview Experience

Round 1 (Technical-1 Round) :

  • Explain a sorting with o(1) complexity.
  • Difference between c++ Map and Java Hash Map.
  • Difference between Abstract class and Interface class implementing same method.
  • Program to find Median from given two Sorted arrays.
  • Questions on NodeJs like how does the socket.io work in NodeJs (Questions Based on Resume)
  • Questions on IP address ( how do sockets identify the difference between a system connected to a wireless network and a wired network.)
  • How do you build an API ? (Based on Resume)
  • Questions on Projects and Achievements.

Round 2 ( Managerial/Technical-2 Round):

  • Given a Yahoo website which is under a huge loss, how can you make it popular?
  • Questions on DBMS  like triggers, stored procedures and extended stored procedures.
  • Explain ACID property. What happens if Atomic property is removed from the database.
  • General discussion of pros and cons of decentralization over Cloud and generalized approach of how can one implement ERP using decentralization.
  • General Questions like Hobbies, favourite subject in 10th STD and questions were asked on that subject to check the memory.( Questions were asked on Chemistry like SPDF).
  • Will you quit the Job if Central Government provides you better Salary?
  • Discussion on Microsoft Azure and .NET framework.

Round 3(HR ROUND):

  • What would you prefer, Internship or full time work (tricky question)
  • Why did you focus more on projects over internship? (Based on resume)
  • How will you travel everyday to bellundur which is quite far away from your stay?
  • Why Epicor over other ERP software companies?
  • Questions on Achievements.

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