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Endurance Interview Experience for Internship+FTE | On-Campus 2020

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Endurance came for hiring in August 2020 on our campus for the SDE role (FTE + internship). We had a total of 4 rounds (2 online + 2 technicals). Here is my interview experience for the same.

Round 1 (Online MCQ Round) 60 minutes: A total of 60 multiple choice questions related to Linux, OS, Network, and DBMS were asked.

Round 2 (Online MCQ Round) 90 minutes: A total of 3 coding questions was asked on HackerEarth Platform.  The difficulty level of problems was easy-medium level based on the prefix-sum, maths, and implementation.

Round 3 (Interview Round 1) 45 minutes:

  • Code was asked to remove duplicate elements from the array with the best time-complexity possible.
  • Explain HTTPS in-depth and complete TLS handshake consisting of steps of encryption, key-exchange.
  • Authorization vs Authentication
  • Abstract class vs Interfaces in Java with code examples
  • Runtime Polymorphism in Java
  • Was heavily tested on my projects which I mentioned in the resume like my project was E-commerce Android App based on Firebase so how I handled payment transactions and other features on my app without latency. I struggled on this part of the interview and didn’t go well.

Round 4 (Interview Round 2) 90 minutes: The Interviewer asked how I spent time in lockdown and what skills I learned. Then he gave me to ER diagram of Book My Show, write all relations, foreign-keys and primary keys. I struggled in that part the interviewer told me to move on to High-Level Design. In the High-Level Design part, I struggled with how will I handle concurrency and availability simultaneously. I told multiple methods but were no sufficient as I was weak with my system design knowledge.  

After the Interview got over I asked him how I performed, he told me he was expecting an answer around Master-Slave Architecture and Replication which was missing from my part. This hinted to me that my rejection was confirmed, and so I was not called for the HR round.   

Result: Rejected

Be aware of system design concepts, Databases, and Low-level Design concepts. Projects and Internship experience is added on bonus.

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Last Updated : 18 Jan, 2021
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