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Tekion Interview Experience for SDE FTE with Internship 2020 (On campus )

Last Updated : 04 Sep, 2020
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Tekion visited our campus (Tier-2) in August for SDE role. Most people had 5 rounds (1 online test  + 2 Technical rounds + 1 Managerial + 1 HR ) . From our college only 9 pointers were allowed to sit in the preliminary round (About 200 of us sat in the first round) . 

Round 1 (Online Coding Round ):  Platform was HackerEarth , about 14-16 MCQs and 2 coding questions. MCQs were all technical (DBMS, Code output, Algorithms) and 1 Aptitude MCQ . 1 Question was on DP and other was on a function involved on Fibonacci numbers (each query to be solved in logarithmic or less time by pre-processing). 

29 people were shortlisted for the next round.

Round 2 (F2F round 1): Started with basic introductions, kind of ice-breaker session where we talked about my favorite editor and about people who use Vim etc. Started with a very easy problem to get me prepare for further question by asking 

This was followed by asking me If I was comfortable in C++ or Java, I said C++ , but mentioned that my Java was as strong but I hadn’t used it in the last few months. So he began asking questions in Java. What is OOPS , its core principles , He wrote a code and I had guessed the output. If you are good at OOPS then , it should be easy. Since up to this point , my interview was going very well , he asked me 2 questions , which he said would not be considered for evaluation in my interview, but If I did solve it, then it would a bonus for me . Both the question were very language specific to core Java , so I wasn’t able to answer .__.”

So we finally moved on to the next questions , on binary search trees. First was 

I was able to solve them both , with useful variable names and comments , the round ended on a good note . This might have been the most comfortable interview for me , as the interviewer and I referred to each other as “Bro” xD , rather than me referring to him as “Sir” , turned out , he was alumnus of my Uni .

After about half-an hour I got a call from Tekion, that they were waiting for me for the last 10 mins for the second interview while I was giving online test for another company visiting on the same day . 

Round 3 (F2F round 2): Even though , I had made the interviewer wait for about 10 mins , he was very friendly. At the start of the round the interviewer asked me about all the Data Structures I knew. He later , asked me about BST and its properties. He said that he’s going to give a question, but he will only allocate 15 mins for it. 

I discussed my iterative – level order approach. He asked me to code it and explain. Which I did all under 10 mins . For some reason , he thought if would not work , I think. So , he told me then to actually build a whole BST right from scratch and check the function against his inputs on a compiler. I opened up an online compiler wrote insertion , then inorder traversal to verify the build and then the left view function. Then gave the input in form of an array and compiled and ran for his inputs. He gave me about 5-7 different inputs , which I had to first visualize for him using comments and tell him the expected output , by doing a dry run for him , before running the code. 

Which I did by changing 2 lines in the code.  All in all , it took about 30-40 mins. The hardest part about this interview was that I had to compile and show him the output , so even if you make a simple mistake , you had to look for it and debug it from the whole code which is might be difficult if you’re stressed.

  1. He then asked me given a file of 100 GB and a PC with 4 GB ram how would I sort the numbers or data in it. I answered by mentioning to divide it into chunks and apply modified merge sort , similar to External Sorting
  2. Finally, he asked me a puzzle , where I given infinite amount of weights , I had to tell the minimum of weights to measure all weights up to 10 kg and later extended the question to 15 kg and asked the intuition behind finding a general solution. Similar to below linked puzzle:

Round 4 (Managerial round): In this round he asked me about of my projects he found interesting CodeMonk – A Sublime Text Plugin. We talked about why did I feel the need to make it , languages and libraries used and if I had previous knowledge on different libraries for web-crawlers. I described my experience with Jsoup in Java vs Selenium+BeautifulSoup in python , and how python’s libraries are very useful for even dynamically loading pages . This was a 10-15 minutes interview max. And I was notified in 5 mins that I was selected for the HR round in half an hour .

Round 5 (HR round):  This felt simple chat and discussion rather than an interview. The Interviewer wanted to know about me as a person , my hobbies , the last book I read , what it symbolized and what I took from it to what would my friends say about me. This was also when I was given a range about our compensation , to which I was shocked because they were offering way more than what our Placement Cell had communicated (no complaints xD). This was in all a 5-min interview. 

I was one of the 15 people selected for the Internship + FTE role :’D 

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