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Electronic Arts (EA) Games Interview Experience for Software Engineer | On-Campus

Last Updated : 19 Nov, 2019
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Round 1 (75 mins):

        Online round with 4 sections- Quantitative, Logical, Verbal and Coding.
        Coding round 2 questions and 40 min

      1. Convert String A to String B in minimum no of moves.


  • You can only modify string A.
  • You can only swap a character with the letter at the starting position of string A.
  • You can replace a character if that doesn’t exist in string B.
  • Swapping or replacing a character costs you 1 move.
  1. Check if a tree is a mirror of it.

Round 2 ( 1 hr – 75 mins ) :Technical F2F

  1. Tell me about yourself.
  2. Explain your projects, hackathon and internship work briefly.
  3. Find loop in a linked list. Asked me to write code.
  4. What is the Floyd-Warshall algorithm?
  5. Which language are you strong in?
  6. What are virtual functions?
  7. OOPS concepts in C++.
  8. Shown me a puzzle on his laptop. How do you design this puzzle and write the algorithm behind it?

Round 3 ( 45 mins – 1 hr ) : Technical F2F

  1. Questions on Reactjs, Nodejs, MongoDB and elastic.
  2. What are RESTful web services?
  3. What kind of REST services did you use during your internship and how did you implement them.
  4. Design an e-commerce system like Flipkart.
  5. How do you instantaneously re-render the UI if there are changes in Db?
  6. Questions on DOM in react and how rendering is done.
  7. How do you send query parameters in a URL using GET?

Round 4( 1 hr – 75 mins): Technical F2F and Managerial

  1. Given an organization hierarchy. How do you get the seniors of an employee upon him? How do get the people under an employee? What kind of data structures do you use? I was asked to write the code and explain how it is done.
  2. Given an array consisting of positive and negative numbers. Calculate the maximum sub-array sum in minimum time.
  3. An array consists of 1-100 numbers except one is missing. How do you find it in minimum time?
    I explained the sum and subtract approach first. Then he asked me how can I do it in a different way. Then I told an approach using bit-wise XOR.
  4. How do you update yourself with the latest tech-related stuff? Whom do you seek help if you face any issue while programming or developing something?
  5. Do you like working in teams?
  6. How positively do you take competency in the workplace?
  7. Explain the Heap and Quicksort. Worst and best cases of quicksort.
  8. Asked this puzzle:

Round 5( 45 mins – 1 hr ) : Technical F2F

  1. Looked at my resume and asked questions about technical events that I participated in or organized.
  2. Asked me to explain the article that I published on medium regarding pointers.
  3. Why do you use MongoDB? What are the differences between MongoDB and SQL?
  4. Asked this puzzle:
  5. What are the challenges you faced during your internship?

Round 6( 15- 30 mins) : HR

  1. Tell me about yourself.
  2. Why EA?
  3. Tell me about your dream job.
  4. A small discussion on the work culture and the perks at EA.

GeeksforGeeks Helped me a lot while preparing for interviews.
Topic-wise good collections helped me to solve harder problems and practice better.

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