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Electronic Arts (EA) Interview Experience | SDE – 2

  • Difficulty Level : Hard
  • Last Updated : 13 Feb, 2020

Hello, I was working as a Senior Software Engineer in Bangalore while I applied for this role. I applied through LinkedIn and here is my interview experience.

Round – 1: Data Structure and Algorithms

This round was conducted via Code Share and it was taken by a Software Engineer.

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Left View of a Binary Tree

Add two numbers represented by Linked List

Number of ways to reach Nth stair

Round – 2: Data Structure and Algorithms

This round was again on code share and was conducted by one of the Senior Software Engineers of EA.

Add two numbers represented by Linked List We had to ensure the list is returned in reverse order.

Another data structure related question which I could not remember. After the end of these rounds I was invited for Onsite interviews to Hyderabad office. They took care of the travel and food expenses.

Round – 3: Low Level System Design

This round was taken by a manager.

What is Kafka, difference between Kafka, Rabbit MQ and AWS Kinesis.

Low level design of an Elevator System. Various use cases were discussed;

  • How to decide which lift will be moved to which floor.
  • Cases where a new lift is added to the building.

Interviewer asked me to come up with Class Diagram, Activity Diagram and Use case diagram followed by class schema.

Round – 4: High Level System Design

This round was taken by Senior Manager.

High level design of JIO Saavan mobile application. I started with Requirements Gathering followed by simple system design and then kept on enhancing for scalability and reliability.

Round – 5: High Level – System Design

This round was taken by Director of Engineering

High level design of Loan recommendation system for bank customer’s. How does bank decide customer ‘X’ is an eligible customer for an ‘XYZ’ loan.

High level design of Urban Clap.

Round 6: HR (People Partner)

Simple Behavioural questions.

Result: Selected for full-time SDE-2 role.

Tips and Suggestions:

  1. Kindly explain your thought process when you are trying to solve a problem or designing a system. This will help the interviewer know if you are heading in the right direction and might help you in case you are stuck.
  2. Please don’t try to solve problem with the most optimal solution in the first go. If you know the naive approach start with that first, this will give interviewer an impression that you have capability to solve the problem. Once you have the naive approach then try to optimise it by discussing various approaches.
  3. Please don’t give up after 2 – 3 attempts keep trying different data-structures and algorithms to solve the problem. This will show the interviewer that you have never-give-up attitude and you have knowledge on other topics as well. If you follow this approach you will ultimately end up in solving the problem with at-least a naive approach.
  4. For System Design you can go through website (Paid course but worth it) and videos from Gaurav Sen System Design Videos:
  5. Please don’t get disappointed if the interview results were not positive. Remember that company could have various other reasons to reject the candidate irrespective of interview going well. Learn from your mistakes if you had done during the course of the interview and take that experience for future interviews.
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