eClinicalworks Interview Experience | Set 2

I gave an interview at eClinicalworks for java developer profile. They first asked for resume and according to your resume they selected some people for Java developers and some people for automation profile. I was selected for Java developer profile.

Round 1:

Q1. Tell me about your self?

Q2. Describe yourself in this world of Java.

Q3. What is automation?

Q4. Some question regarding sql queries.

Q5. What is polymorphism and why do we use it in java?

Q6. What is inheritance?

Round 2: Collections, Algorithms and OOPs very basic to advance questions

Q1. Type OPPS concepts and describe them one by one.

Q2. Type of polymorphism and give an real life example.

Q3. Interviewer modify your example and ask for describing each cases.

Q4. Ask about collection. describe all the collections which you know.

Q5. Using collec

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