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eBay Interview Experience

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Online Aptitude Round:
20 Maths and Logical aptitude ( Hard )
20 Programming aptitude ( C , C++ , Java, OS)

The results were announced and 30 people were shortlisted.

Round – 1 (Technical -1)–(45Mins)
This round is based on Data Structure, OS, DBMS and Java. More on Practical Questions

1) What data Structure Google is using for searching pattern. (Explain Trie and approach how u will code)
2) What data Structure Google is using for Storing Data.

– Write a Program to convert URL to Tiny URL
– Write a program to extract name from string. (Easy one)
Example – My name is @satyajit —-satyajit( after @ will be the name and it will end by space)
Give optimized solution

OS Questions
1) What is Thrashing? Explain
2) What is deadlock? Explain all conditions

DBMS Questions
1) ACID properties Explain with an example
2) Mongodb, NoSQL and SQL discussions for long time.

Explain Project and Be good in ur Project what you have done..

Java Questions
1) What is Hashmap ? how it implemented ?
2) What is arraylist ? Difference between array and arraylist ?
3) What is difference between int and Integer in java?
4) Difference between Hashtable and Hashmap ?

Be good in java

12 People Shortlisted for next round .

Round -2 (Technical -2 ) (1.30 Hrs )
This round is fully Data Structure, Practical Problems and there were 3 people conducting this round.
So learn Data Structure Such a way that you could be able to relate With real time Problem.

1) Write a Program to Reverse words in a String
Example: My name is abcd- Output Should be – abcd is name My .
2) Write a Program to find the Mirror of a Tree – Proper code required (Try to Give variable name According to the Meaning )
3) Write a Program to find the Largest Binary Search tree in a Binary tree (Give optimized one)

What is data type? What is advantage of Having data type? what will happen if we do not have data type
Advantage and disadvantage.

What is normalization ? Explain all types .

How will you sort 20 Gb file ? You have 4 Gb Ram ? Try to come up with solution

Do u know abt External sorting ?I said No. Then He said Ok.

What will happen when you press a key in keyboard ?how it works internally ?

He asked Two Puzzles
1) Gold bar Problem
2) 3 Jars Problem

Explain AVL tree – Write the Function for Left_Right Rotation ( I took time for this Question Never expect they will ask code for Avl tree )

HR Round (45 Mins)
It was different from other HR interviews. There were 3 people conducting this round. They gave Many Situations Try to come up with solution

First tell urself
1) How do you find the total Number of cars In Coimbatore.
Like that he gave me many situations.
2) If Many Hackers are trying to Hack eBay server.. You are the manager of eBay. How will you Handle this situation.

Your Strength and weakness .
Why so interested in coding ?
And many behavioral Questions….

Thanks to geeksforgeeks for helping me prepare for technical interviews.

If you like GeeksforGeeks and would like to contribute, you can also write an article and mail your article to See your article appearing on the GeeksforGeeks main page and help other Geeks.

Last Updated : 11 Jul, 2015
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