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Draw Spiraling Triangle using Turtle in Python

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Prerequisite: Python Turtle Basic

Turtle is an inbuilt module of python. It enables us to draw any drawing by a turtle, methods defined in the turtle module, and by using some logical loops. To draw something on the screen(cardboard) just move the turtle(pen). To move turtle(pen) there are some functions i.e forward(), backward(), etc.

Approach to draw a Spiraling Triangle of size n:  

  • Import turtle and create a turtle instance.
  • Using for loop(i = 0 to i< n * 3) and repeat below step
    • turtle.forward(i * 10).
    • turtle.right(120).
  • Close the turtle instance.

Below is the implementation:


# importing turtle module 
import turtle 
# size
n = 10
# creating instance of turtle 
pen = turtle.Turtle() 
# loop to draw a side 
for i in range(n * 3): 
    # drawing side of 
    # length i*10 
    pen.forward(i * 10
    # changing direction of pen 
    # by 120 degree in clockwise 
# closing the instance 


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Last Updated : 20 Aug, 2020
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