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Appropriate usage of social networks

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The moment you get up, you turn on your mobile internet and scroll up the updates right from Facebook to Instagram. From liking your friends post on FB to following your favourite speaker, from smiling at a humorous post to getting anxious about a update that is viral on social circles – social media have a dense impact on our lives. Digitalisation is one major factor that has acted as a catalyst and has routed more and more people to get social virtually.

No matter how you use social media, either for business or for personal use, today almost every person uses least one social network.

According to estimates, the number of worldwide social media users reached 2.34 billion and is expected to grow to some 2.95 billion by 2020.

Masses today rely on media like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram to engage people, get exposure and bring a very large world together in a simple and easy way. Further, the icing on the cake is that these networks are free to use what makes them ideal for every business.
Once you are on social media, you are exposed to a globe full of new people and opportunities. Social media has repeatedly demonstrated its remarkable ability to connect with people and inspire action. However, for all the positives and strengths that these online communities offer, social networks do have their pitfalls and shortcomings.

We cannot neglect the risks associated with using social networks. Diminishing privacy is one of the biggest concerns particularly with regard to children, teenagers and adults. Therefore it is very important to keep the privacy settings on your accounts updated.
Think before you post. What you publish on the internet can remain public for a long time. The content can also be replicated and shared beyond the original intended audience.

Again, many psychological and emotional challenges which are associated with social media can be profoundly damaging for all age groups. We can see that in the following two cases – Social media users often feel compelled to portray themselves in the most positive light, which may not reflect reality. Again the desire to validate your existence via the number of likes and positive feedback plus the above factors can cause envy and lead to depression.

Social networking which is mostly geared towards personal use as a casual, leisurely activity can hamper productivity. Workers most of the times surf social media in their work time costing their employers millions of monetary loss due to loss in throughput.
Even though social media is one of the best tools to foster relationships, it can be the biggest source of relationship problems too.

As per sources, 16% of people indicate that social networking has resulted in jealousy in their relationships. Further, increased usage of many social or dating sites has correlated with a catalyst to fuel up divorces.

At the End – All you must do is Be Responsible and Sensible
We all love social media. Most of us use it daily and wouldn’t be without it. But it is high time that we understand to use Social media as a positive tool to accomplish great things. We can foster creativity and employ social networks for connecting with people around the world. Businesses can use them to a big extent to reach their targeted audience. One must exercise common sense and restraint extravagant use to avoid potential pitfalls. Have fun, stay safe, and be mindful of what information you put out there or what you consume.

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Last Updated : 23 Aug, 2018
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