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Reddit Launches New Features To Simplify Content Sharing Across Social Media Platforms

Last Updated : 05 May, 2023
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Social media forum Reddit has launched new features for Redditors and publishers to share information on and off Reddit for iOS and Android users.

New Reddit Features Make Sharing Content on Other Platforms a Breeze


Reddit revealed important upgrades and new resources for posting content to messaging services and other social networking channels. This new function will enable users to upload content directly from the site to Stories on Instagram without first taking a screenshot or downloading it.

Before the launch, users couldn’t share any post outside of Reddit which Reddit took into consideration and made it easy for users.

What’s the New Update?

Reddit users now can instantly share content on other social media sites like Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn with just a few mouse clicks due to the newly revised redesigned share button. 

As a result of this functionality, users are no longer required to copy and paste links or screenshots of the content they wish to share. They can just share it straight from the Reddit platform. 

Additional to this feature users of Reddit receives a new personalized “share sheet” with their favorite sharing channels is also being introduced by Reddit in the sheet. Users who choose to share now have a choice of optional sites when they click the share icon next to a post. The ability to publish without leaving Reddit is greatly facilitated by this.

Reddit also wants to enhance the publishing experience for creators alongside these updates. 

A toolbox that the app introduces will help make it simpler to share Reddit content on other networks.

According to the Reddit team, “This new toolbox has components that draw attention to the community. The new toolbox contains elements that highlight the foreseeable height of a post or remark, strongly display the community that the content is from, and display the entire tally of upvotes and comments”.

The platform’s continued attempts to enhance user experience as well as make it simpler for users to find and pass on content are part of what Reddit claims the new features are for. According to the business, the new capabilities would boost platform engagement and improve traffic to websites run by content creators.

How Reddit functions?

It is a social media site where users may post content, which other users can then “upvote” or “downvote” depending on whether they like it. A post advances up the Reddit rankings if it receives a large number of upvotes, making it more visible to more users. If it receives downvotes, it soon drops and vanishes from the majority of users’ perspective.

User Growth on Reddit

Reddit is anticipated to have 55.79 million active users daily in 2023, an increase of 5.79 million (11.58%) from the previous year. The number of daily Reddit users is predicted to reach 69.44 million by 2025. It will demonstrate a notable growth of 13.65 million or 24.46% from the previous year.

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