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Directi Interview Experience | Set 17 (On Campus)

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Interviewers of Directi are completely different from other companies. He asked me relax first and started talking in hindi about the college and stuff(completely irrelevant) and then he gave me a question(that too in hindi only) .

2 round

Another cool person but a little tough ques.

  • Question – n cities and m roads(m>n), number of ways you can visit n-1 cities one by one (each time we start from the origin citi and reach to destination through minimum path and we have to output the number of different combitnation possible for all the visit(for each city) with given constraint.
  • Deep discussion on modified Dijkhstra’s algo and using heap sort or not in it and discussion on time complexity as it will also vary according to methodology and then he gave me a hint on applying dp and I solved the question using dp and he was satisfied and he told me to proceed to final round.

HR+ Technical round
This was the worst round because it was the skype round and there was communication problem. The interview started with summer intern project discussion and I required to draw some diagrams to explain him and it was really difficult to explain him through the poor communication but he somehow got the idea of project.

  • He asked there are 2 type of transactions in bank credit and debit, He asked how will you model the total amount of money available at bank..(Threading question based on syncronisation) he asked me to do in JAVA but I told him that I know c++ only, he told me to build in c++ but he wasn’t seems to be satistfied fully however he said its alright.
  • Then he gave me real confusing problem —> we are given a huge data of points in 2D points and this point can be floating points. Now you are given queries where you are given a rectangle and you need to output the
    all the points inside that rectangle.I proceeded by making buckets in x-axis and then for each bucket along x axis,(I further bucketed along the y-axis, he also helped me a bit in that. )
  • Then he told he was done and if I had any question- I asked how the team is decided and what is general strength of team and how to switch(15 min discussion.)
    I thought that I did fine but may be CV and branch was the weak point as directi is very selective but very few reached the final round, they selected only 2 students but really good company to work in.

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Last Updated : 31 May, 2019
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