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Different ways to Improve Maintenance Team

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Maintenance Team, as name suggests, is generally a team that is capable of maintaining software assets in software engineering. These team generally includes specific number of people or employees that work together as a team to improve performance of software assets, equipment’s, parts of equipment, component, etc. One should have janitorial skills i.e. cleaning and maintenance skills that are being related to repairing and restoring assets, maintaining assets, equipment, etc. to be a part of Maintenance Team. Behind every successful facility and properly working of equipment, there is a Maintenance Team that is responsible for handling and maintaining condition and working of Software assets. Ways to Improve Maintenance Team : There are different ways by which one can make maintenance team more productive and effective. Some of them are given below :
  1. Encourage Self-Motivation : Self-Motivation is a very important and essential skill that helps individuals to take opportunities, show commitment, and develop determination to whatever they want to achieve, their work, complete various tasks, etc. Self-Motivated individuals know about their goals and therefore make more efforts to find out different ways of completing tasks. One can only motivate and inspire team if team members exactly know what they have to do. Managers need to make sure that team members are aware of vision and main objective or goals of organizations. This simply helps to encourage every team to work together to achieve goals and better results. Managers can also make use of some strategies and tools to inspire team members.
  2. Accept New Technologies and Techniques : One should always try to find out new ways to solve any old problems because sometimes new ways save more money and time in resolving problems better than old ways. Using new techniques and technologies in organization simply improves productivity, increases sales, and helps maintenance team to make better and much faster decisions. But if new tools or techniques do not add value and offer something to organizations, there one should not implement such new technologies.
  3. Use CMMS Software : Computerized Maintenance Management System (CMMS) is a type of management system that improves ways manager manages maintenance functions, team, employees, activities, etc. Implementing CMMS helps one to improve better communication among team members. CMMS along with preventive maintenance system generally helps maintenance team to be ready for emergency situations.
  4. Implement Preventive Maintenance Task : One of best ways to improve maintenance team is to allow team members to start planning maintenance before any failures occur to simply prevent them from occurrence i.e. known as preventive maintenance and reduce doing repair after failure occurrence i.e. known as reactive maintenance or repairs. Preventive maintenance helps one to increase their level of thinking, their skills, their managing capabilities. Reactive maintenance is more stressful, requires immediate action, and does not involve any planning. On other hand, Preventive Maintenance is less stressful, prevents assets from failure, involves planning therefore team members are less stressed and work more effectively which results in better productivity.
  5. Give some Breaks : If one does not provide breaks in between work schedule to team members, it simply affects team productivity, mental well-being of individuals and affects overall performance of team. Breaks are very much important and essential as it helps to reduce stress, helps to maintain performance, provide some energy and re-charge for rest of day. It also increases job satisfaction of individuals.

Last Updated : 29 Oct, 2020
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