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Difference between Web Project and Traditional Project

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  • Last Updated : 19 Feb, 2020
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Web Project: Web Project is defined as the project which is specialized to make different types of websites that are implemented on the internet. To build a web project, various programming languages, scripting languages and tools are used. Project managers may be client managers in web projects. Web-based projects are mainly unique or new projects that are feature-based. In web project management, the organization structure is temporary and performed in a dynamic work environment. Higher risks are involved in web projects as a new creative approach and various functions are used. The project manager has to define all the financial, quality, logical constraints in the web project according to the project specifications.

Traditional Project: Traditional project is defined as the project which is designed in a sequential manner for the software development and implemented within an organization. In a traditional project, project managers and client managers are always different. The traditional project works on the existing model or process of project management. In traditional project management, the organization structure is permanent and performed in a stable work environment. Traditional projects follow the predefined software development cycle, lesser risks are involved.

Differences between Web Project and Traditional project:

Web ProjectTraditional Project
Web projects consists of an attractive Graphical User Interface.Graphical User Interface of traditional project is not good-looking as compared to web project.
Functionality of web project is public oriented.While functionality of traditional project is defined to an organization.
New technologies such as beta technologies are used for providing new and cool features that client and web developers wants to use.It is not applicable in traditional projects, mature technologies are used in developing traditional projects.
There is no predefined standards available for web projects.Standards do exist for traditional projects that ensure quality.
Web projects are globally usable hence less secured as compared to traditional projects.Traditional projects are more secure than web projects.
A pricing model for web project does not exist.A pricing model exists for traditional project. Various type of models such as COCOMO are developed for costing.
Roles of the team members of web project are less specialized.Team roles in traditional project are more specialized.
After finalization of the web project, websites are alive, can be changed and grow.After completion, changes are not frequent in traditional project.
Cost incurred in the web project during the development of web project is not given by the clients.Clients takes all the expenses related to project such as cost involved in designing, testing, prototyping, etc.
Project manager in web project has the full responsibility of project.In traditional projects, various managers at different levels have the responsibility of project development.
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