Difference between Unit Testing and System Testing

System Testing:
System testing is done to check whether the software or product meets the specified requirements or not. It is done by both testers and developers. It contains the System testing and Integration testing. It is done through more positive and negative teat cases.

Unit Testing:
Unit Testing is the type of software testing level in which each individual components of a software are tested. Unit Testing is generally performed by developer. Unit Testing can’t be used for those systems which have a lot of interdependence between different modules. It does not allow for parallel testing.

Difference Between Unit Testing and System Testing:

S.NO Unit Testing System Testing
1. In unit testing, independent software’s module are tested separately. System testing is done to check whether the software or product meets the specified requirements or not.
2. Unit testing is performed by the developers. System testing is generally done by developers and testers.
3. Unit testing is also called white box testing. System testing is also called black box testing.
4. Unit testing generally focuses on functional verification. System testing generally focuses on system validation.
5. Unit testing comprise of independent modules. System Testing comprise of System and integration testing.
6. Unit testing follows the specification of modules. system testing follows the requirements specification.

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