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Difference between Software and Technology

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1. Software : 
Software, as name suggest, is simply a type or part of technology produced by people, allows user to perform particular task or process using computer or any technological device and is only referred to computers. 

2. Technology : 
Technology, as name suggests, is simply a type of tool produced by people that is used to solve specific problems, improve work, efficiency, etc. and aims at meeting human requirements. 

Difference between Software and Technology :

Software’s are computer programs that run on computer.Technology are things developed to solve specific problems.
It is used to create non-physical tool to solve any information based problem.It is used in production of goods or services to accomplish objective.
Features of software includes usability of software, reusability of components, flexibility of software, etc.Features of technology includes creative and critical thinking, work functional and practical way, unexpected results, socially embedded activity, etc.
Benefits of software includes increased productivity, better customer service, enhanced analysis, simplified decision making, etc.Benefits of technology includes saves time, cost efficiency, ease of access to information, better learning techniques, etc.
Examples of software includes MySQL, MS Access, Google Docs, WinZip, Directory Opus, BIOS, etc.Examples of technology includes smart phones, tablet computers, automatic lights, activity and health monitoring, etc.
Type of software’s include system software, application software, programming software, etc.Type of technology includes mechanical, technical, electronic, industrial and manufacturing, communications, information, etc.
Its main purpose is to operate computers and execute specific tasks.Its main purpose is to solve problems of matter, energy, communication, time, technical issues, etc.
Factors that are needed to be considered while selecting software includes customization, learning curve for staff, budget, security, customer support, etc.Factors that are needed to be considered while selecting technology includes cost and time, productivity, main requirement, customizability and adaptability, etc.
It is a part or component of technology i.e. subset.It includes many things such as mechanical, electrical, thermodynamics, skills, processes, methods, etc.

Last Updated : 05 Nov, 2021
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