Difference between 3G and 4G Technology

3G and 4G are often differentiated regarding technology compliance, information transfer rate, capacity, information processing design and variety of connections, etc. 3G stands for Third Generation within which optimized mobile square measure developed for sanctioning information and broadband services with higher property. 4G LTE stands for Fourth Generation that delivers a lot of capability for faster and jury-rigged mobile broadband experiences and permitting a lot of connections.

Let’s see the difference between 3g and 4g technology:

S.NO 3G Technology 4G Technology
1. It stands for 3rd generation technology. While it stands for 4th generation technology.
2. Maximum upload rate of 3G technology is 5 Mbps. While the maximum upload rate of 4G technology is 500 Mbps.
3. Maximum download rate of 3G technology is 21 Mbps. While the maximum download rate of 4G technology is 1 Gbps.
4. It uses packet switching technique. While it uses packet switching technique as well as message switching technique.
5. The frequency range of 3G technology is from 1.8 GHz to 2.5 GHz. While it’s frequency range is from 2 GHz to 8 GHz.
6. It lenient horizontally. While it lenient horizontally as well as vertically.
7. It is a wide area cell based network architecture. While it is the integration of Wireless LAN as well as Wide Area cell based network architecture.
8. There is turbo codes are used for error correction in 3G technology. 4G technology uses concatenated codes for error correction.

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