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Difference between Router and Firewall

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Router: A router is known as the connecting devices in networking. It is used to select the shortest route for a packet to achieve its target. A router’s main purpose is to attach different networks simultaneously. Like firewall, it also works on the network layer but it also works on physical layer, and data link layer of the OSI(Open Systems Interconnection) model. Unlike firewall, it does not include encryption before routing the networks. A router does not protect the network from the threats but it include the sharing provision to share internet connection between the networks. Firewall: The firewall is the specified version of the router. All data packets in it are entering or dropping network passes through the firewall and after checking whether the firewall allows it or not. All traffic must pass through the firewall and only authorized traffic must pass. Firewall must be strong. It is a system located between two networks where it implements an access control policy between those networks. Like router, it also works on network layer of the OSI model. Unlike router, a firewall uses encryption to encrypt the data before transmission. A firewall does not share the network but it include the protecting provision to protect the network from the threats. Let’s see the difference between Router and Firewall:
S.NO Firewall Router
1. A firewall checks the threat from the incoming packets. A router is a way to connect various networks simultaneously.
2. The firewall works on network layer and transport layer of the OSI(Open Systems Interconnection) model. While the router works on the physical layer, network layer and data link layer of the OSI(Open Systems Interconnection) model.
3. The firewall uses encryption before the transmission of data. Whereas router does not use encryption.
4. A firewall cannot share network. While router share internet connection between the networks.
5. A firewall may occur inside a router. While a router may not occur within a firewall.
6. A firewall filters as well as regulates the data. While a router manages traffic to the desired target.
7. A firewall maintains state table which gives information on the state of flow. While a router does not maintain any state table for the information on flow state.
8. Firewall is generally used in the protection in core network of computer. Router is generally used in routing and ending of WAN link.

Last Updated : 07 Apr, 2020
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