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Difference Between Recovery ROM and Fastboot ROM

Last Updated : 28 Jul, 2022
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ROM stands for read-only memory. It is the type of storage that is built into a device during manufacturing. There is various type of ROM available, Recovery ROM and Fastboot ROM are two of them. Both Recovery ROM and Fastboot ROM can be flashed. 

Recovery ROM:

ROM that can be easily flashed by recovery or mobile is called Recovery ROM. The file extension of Recovery ROM is .zip which can be installed through local updates. Recovery files can be installed on Xiaomi, Redmi, etc mobile. Recovery ROM can also be flashed using Updater App.

To install MIUI recovery ROM, first, download it from the official website of Mi. The second method to install Recovery ROM is custom recovery such as TWRP and OrangeFox. For flash Recovery ROM, there are many different device instructions. For eg: Put ROM into the SD card root directory etc. 

Fastboot ROM:

Fastboot ROM can be flashed by only a PC. Suppose the phone is completely dead, and you are unable to open recovery mode in the phone then we use fastboot ROM for flash recovery. The file extension of fastboot ROM is .tgz.

For flash fastboot ROM, connect the phone to the PC. After that, flash the boot file with the help of Xiaomi flash tools. Sometimes phone may be stuck on the boot loop.

Difference Between Recovery ROM and Fastboot ROM:

           Recovery ROM                       Fastboot ROM           
The file extension of recovery ROM is .zip.     The file extension of Fastboot ROM is .tgz.  
After flashing ROM, we never lose data or files in the internal storage. Flashing fastboot ROM gives an option to the user whether they can wipe data or not.
It supports boot animation and logo root apps. It supports recovery and bootload.
Recovery ROM doesn’t need a PC for flash ROM. Fastboot ROM needs a PC for flash ROM.
Recovery ROM can be flashed using TWRP, cwm, etc. Fastboot ROM can only be flashed using fastboot. 
The Recovery ROM file is manually used to install an updated device. Fastboot ROM is a practical application to update the rooted Xiaomi device.
It is easier to install and flash. It is a little bit confusing to install and flash.
Recovery ROM has three methods for flashing. It is flashing only with fastboot flashing tools on a PC.

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