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Difference between Project Report and Feasibility Report

Last Updated : 26 Nov, 2020
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1. Project Report :
Project Report, as name suggest, is simply report that record various aspect of project and keep it for future reference whenever required.

2. Feasibility Report :
Feasibility Report, as name suggests, is simply report that helps organization or company to make choice and choose best solution or project they believe is right and most appropriate for organization or company.

Difference between Project Report and Feasibility Report :

Project Report Feasibility Report
It mainly focuses on determining whether project is viable or not. It mainly focuses on determining feasibility of project i.e. possible to do easily and conveniently or not.
It does not have a specific format. It have a specific format.
Factors affecting project report include time complexity, improper communication, lack of understanding, cost related issues, etc. Factors affecting feasibility report includes scope of project, volume vs quality, complexity and scale, constraints such as funding, etc.
Its benefits include identifying risks, cost management, control of project, increase project success manage budget effectively, improve communication, increase team performance, etc. Its benefits include improve team focus, identify new opportunities, provide important information regarding feasibility, etc.
Its main objective is to provide status of scope, time, and budget of project and manage expectations of stakeholders Its main objectives is to help decision makers to choose among options that are available.
It includes manufacturing process, project description, marketing plan, capture structure and operating cost, etc. It include information such executive summary, marketing strategy, organizational structure, description of project, etc.
It is generally submitted to bankers. It is generally submitted to company that requested to solve a particular problem.
It is more difficult to understand and handle than feasibility report. It is less difficult to understand and handle than project report.

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