Difference between Programmable Logic Array and Programming Array Logic

Programmable Logic Array (PLA) and Programming Array Logic (PAL) are the categories of programming logic device.

In PLA or Programmable Logic Array, there are massive functions can be implemented. Whereas in PAL or Programmable Array Logic, there is finite functions can be implemented.
The distinction between PLA and PAL is that, PLA have programmable AND array and fixed or array. On the other hand, PAL have programmable AND array and programming OR array.

Let’s see that the difference between PLA and PAL:

1. PLA stands for Programmable Logic Array. While PAL stands for Programmable Array Logic.
2. PLA speed is lower than PAL. While PAL’s speed is higher than PLA.
3. The complexity of PLA is high. While PAL’s complexity is less.
4. The cost of PLA is also high. While the cost of PAL is low.
5. Programmable Logic Array is less available. While Programmable Array Logic is more available than Programmable Logic Array.
6. It is less used than PAL. While it is more used than PLA.

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