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Difference between Ring Topology and Bus Topology in Computer Networks

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1. Ring Topology: In Ring topology, there is a circular data path. Each of the devices is connected to two other devices in the network. Data is transmitted from sender to receiver by passing it from one device to another until the receiver device is reached. If any of the connection is broken then the whole network crashes because they are connected sequentially. This topology is used for the connection of LAN or WAN. 

Prerequisite - Types of Network Topology 

2. Bus Topology: Bus topology is a type of network topology in which all the devices are connected to a single cable which is called the backbone of the network. It consists of a terminator at each end of the cable. The network cable is responsible for the communication between the devices and when the data reaches the end of the cable it is removed by the terminator from the data line. It is the easiest network topology when the devices are to be connected linearly.  
Differences between Ring Topology and Bus Topology are as follows:

Ring TopologyBus Topology
In a Ring topology, each device is connected to two other devices in a circular fashion.Bus topology is a topology where each device is connected to a single cable which is known as the backbone.
In Ring topology data is sent through the devices from sender to receiver device.In Bus topology data is sent directly from sender to receiver device..
Ring topology has a lower implementation cost than a bus topology.The implementation cost of Bus topology is higher than Ring topology
Ring topology is less reliable as failure of one device affects whole network.Bus topology is more reliable than Ring topology
Tracking fault is easy in Ring topology than in Bus topology.It is difficult to find fault in Bus topology.
Addition of new device is difficult in Ring topology than Bus topology.In a Bus topology, the new device is added very easily.
The access speed is less than Bus topology because of sequential access.Access speed is fast in comparison of Ring topology
Ring topology do not contains any terminators.Bus topology has terminators at both ends.
There are less chances of data collision in ring topology.There are more chances of data collisions in bus topology when heavy traffic is there in the network.
The failure of a single node leads to the breakdown of the entire network.The failure of a single node does not lead to the breakdown of the entire network.
It is more secure as compared to bus topology.It is less secure because of the visibility of data transmission to any node connected in a network.
Tokens are the means for transmitting information from one node to another node in a network.Tokens are not required for transmitting information in a bus topology.

Last Updated : 02 Aug, 2022
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