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Difference between OpenSUSE and Fedora

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1. OpenSUSE : OpenSUSE is a Linux distribution developed by The openSUSE Project. It was initially released on October 2005. It was developed for creating usable open-source tools for software developers and system administrators and it also provides a user-friendly environment and feature-rich server environment. 

2. Fedora : Fedora OS is a Linux based open-source operating system developed by Red Hat. It is open-source and it is freely available for use. It uses the DNF package manager and gnome environment along with anaconda installer. It supports 3 platforms, which are Workstation Fedora designed for Personal Computers, Fedora Server designed for servers and Fedora Atomic designed for cloud computing. 

Difference between OpenSUSE and Fedora :

1.OpenSUSE is developed by The openSUSE Project.Fedora is developed by RedHat.
2.It was initially released on October 2005.It was initially released in November 2003.
3.OpenSUSE developer’s forum is Fedora’s development forum is
4.OpenSUSE origin was in Germany.Fedora origin was in USA.
5.Its Official Supported Architectures are amd64, ppc64, arm64.Its Official Supported Architectures are i686, amd64, arm, aarch64.
6.Its Default Desktop Environment is KDE.Its Default Desktop Environment is GNOME.
7.It is a little easier to use than Fedora.Fedora is not as user friendly as openSUSE.
8.It is not as secure as Fedora.Fedora is more secure than OpenSUSE.
9.Hardware support is not as good as Fedora.It provides all the latest technology on current hardware platforms.
10.OpenSUSE comes with Tilda Terminal Emulator.Fedore uses Gnome Terminal Emulator by default.

Last Updated : 28 Jun, 2022
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