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Difference between Normalization and Denormalization

  • Difficulty Level : Easy
  • Last Updated : 20 Aug, 2019

Normalization is the method used in a database to reduce the data redundancy and data inconsistency from the table. It is the technique in which Non-redundancy and consistency data are stored in the set schema. By using normalization the number of tables is increased instead of decreased.

Denormalization is also the method which is used in a database. It is used to add the redundancy to execute the query quickly. It is a technique in which data are combined to execute the query quickly. By using denormalization the number of tables is decreased which oppose to the normalization.

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Difference between Normalization and Denormalization:

1.In normalization, Non-redundancy and consistency data are stored in set schema.In denormalization, data are combined to execute the query quickly.
2.In normalization, Data redundancy and inconsistency is reduced.In denormalization, redundancy is added for quick execution of queries.
3.Data integrity is maintained in normalization.Data integrity is not maintained in denormalization.
4.In normalization, redundancy is reduced or eliminated.In denormalization redundancy is added instead of reduction or elimination of redundancy.
5.Number of tables in normalization is increased.Denormalization, Number of tables in decreased.
6.Normalization optimize the uses of disk spaces.Denormalization do not optimize the disk spaces.
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