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Difference between Lubuntu and Xubuntu

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1. Lubuntu :
It is described as a Linux distribution primarily based on Ubuntu that is a Linux machine with minimal computer use and chooses solely light apps which makes Lubuntu OS quicker and lighter and for this reason it is an easy-to-use UI. It is an operating system primarily based on the Linux kernel derived from the Ubuntu family of distributions, that can be used and allotted free of cost due to the fact it used to be created as open source software program. It is a faster, lighter and more low-budget solution for laptops or notebooks that have low hardware requirements.

2. Xubuntu :
It is essentially a community-maintained derivative of the Ubuntu OS. It was originally launched in 2006 & it is a combination of XFCE and Ubuntu. The computing device surroundings of this is XFCE which is stable, light, and configurable. It works properly on older hardware. It consumes fewer machine resources, squeezing more out of more recent structures and breathing new existence into machines with fewer, older, slower, or constrained resources.

Difference between Lubuntu and Xubuntu :

S. No.LubuntuXubuntu
1.It has a desktop environment called LXDE.It has a desktop environment called XFCE. 
2.It offers fewer functionalities than Xubuntu.It offers more functionalities than Lubuntu.
3.It is not as user-friendly as Xubuntu. It is more user-friendly than Lubuntu.
4.It does not have many customization options available.It offers a range of customization options.
5.For its functioning, it requires a QT toolkit.For its functioning, it requires a GTK toolkit.
6.It is lightweight than Xubuntu.It is not lighter than Lubuntu.
7.It provides more durability than Xubuntu.It is less durable than Lubuntu.
8.It does not support animation.It supports animation.


Last Updated : 15 Jun, 2021
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