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Difference between JPEG and PSD

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1. Joint Photographic Expert Group (JPEG) : Since June 1982, Working Group 8 (WG8) of ISO has been working on standard for the compression and decompression of still images. In June 1987, ten different techniques for coding color and gray-scales still images were presented. An adaptive transformation coding technique based on Discrete cosine Transform (DCT) achieved the best subjective results. PEG applies to color and gray-scaled still images. Video sequences can also be handle through a fest coding and decoding of still images, a technique is called Motion JPEG. 

2. Photoshop Document (PSD) : PSD stands for “Photoshop document”It’s an application-specific proprietary format, but because of Photoshop’s dominant position in the pixel-editing world, PSD had become something of a quasi-standard. A number of other programs, even some that don’t cone from Adobe, support PSD as an additional file format-but usually as read-only or for import/export purpose, not as their true native file format. 
Difference between JPEG and PSD :

1. JPEG is the actually a standard format that is not tied to any application. Virtually all programs that deal with images are able to open and save in the JPEG format. PSD is the native file format for a Photoshop. In PSD, you only have Photoshop that can open the file.
2. It is a standard image format. It is the document format for Photoshop.
3. It can be viewed in a lot of applications. It can not viewed in a lot of applications.
4. It does not support layers. It supports layers.
5. It is supported by gadgets. It is not supported by gadgets.
6. It is less longer than PSD. It is lot larger than JPEG.
7. A JPEG is just a compressed bitmap. while a PSD is PhotoShop file and thus retains all the project information such as the layers and history.
8. It is compressed single layer image. It is PhotoShop Document. It is an image with the editing layers saved with it.
9. It is less popular photo editing software. It is very popular photo editing software.
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Last Updated : 12 May, 2022
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