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Difference between IBM DB2 and Amazon DynamoDB

Last Updated : 02 Jul, 2020
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1. IBM DB2 :
IBM DB2 is a relational database which was developed by IBM in 1983. It is considered as a family of database management products which are build for AI. It has enhanced capabilities for performing transactions. It works on the principle of ACID and has high flexibility and performance. It has efficient backup facilities and is considered very secure. It is extremely reliable and is supported by Linux, Unix and Windows operating systems. It has a commercial license and has high scalability.

2. Amazon DynamoDB :
Amazon DynamoDB is a document database that has high scalability. It was given by Amazon in 2012. It has a Primary database model as document store and key value store. It has a commercial license. It uses transactions and follows ACID properties. It has backup facilities and has high security. Amazon DynamoDB is a durable and robust database. It can handle enormous number of requests in a day and is fully managed.

Difference between IBM DB2 and Amazon DynamoDB :

S.NO. IBM DB2 Amazon DynamoDB
1. IBM DB2 is a relational database model. Amazon DynamoDB is a key-value storage database model.
2. Pessimistic Locking model is there in IBM DB2. Optimistic Locking model is there in Amazon DynamoDB.
3. IBM DB2 has schema. It is free from schema.
4. It was developed by IBM in 1983. It was developed by Amazon in 2012.
5. It supports AIX, HP-UX, Linux, Solaris, Windows, z/OS. It supports all hosted operating system.
6. Foreign keys are present in IBM DB2. It does not have foreign key concept.
7. It is not cloud based database. It is cloud based database.
8. It uses SQL queries for processing query. It does not have SQL queries.
9. It support server side scripts. It does not support server side script.
10. It is considered more than Amazon DynamoDB in terms of ranking. It is considered less than IBM DB2 in terms of ranking.

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