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Difference Between Hadoop 2.x vs Hadoop 3.x

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The Journey of Hadoop Started in 2005 by Doug Cutting and Mike Cafarella. Which is an open-source software build for dealing with the large size Data? The objective of this article is to make you familiar with the differences between the Hadoop 2.x vs Hadoop 3.x version. Obviously, Hadoop 3.x has some more advanced and compatible features than the older versions of Hadoop 2.x. Hadoop 2.X vs 3.X

Hadoop 2.x vs Hadoop 3.x

S.No. Feature Hadoop 2.x Hadoop 3.x
1 License Apache 2.0 is used for licensing which is open-source. Apache 2.0 is used for licensing which is open-source.
2 Minimum supported Java version JAVA 7 is the minimum compatible version. JAVA 8 is the minimum compatible version.
3 Fault Tolerance Replication is the only way to handle fault tolerance which is not space optimized. Erasure coding is used for handling fault tolerance.
4 Data Balancing HDFS balancer is used for Data Balancing. Intra-data node balancer is used which is called via HDFS disk-balancer command-line interface.
5 Storage Scheme 3x Replication Scheme is used. uses eraser encoding in HDFS.
6 Storage Overhead 200% of HDFS is consumed in Hadoop 2.x 50% used in Hadoop 3.x means we have more space to work.
7 YARN Timeline Service Uses timeline service with scalability issue. Improve the time line service along with improving scalability and reliability of this service.
8 Scalability Limited Scalability, can have upto 10000 nodes in a cluster. Scalability is improved, can have more then 10000 nodes in a cluster.
9 Default Port Range (32768-61000) Linux ephemeral port range is used as default, which is failed to bind at startup time. Ports used are out of this ephemeral port range.
10 Compatible File System. HDFS(default), FTP, Amazon S3 and Windows Azure Storage Blobs (WASB) file system. All file systems including Microsoft Azure Data Lake filesystem.
11 Name Node recovery Manual intervention is needed for the namenode recovery. No need of Manual intervention for name node recovery.

Last Updated : 30 Jun, 2020
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