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Difference between DBMS and SQL

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1. Database management system (DBMS) :
Database management system (DBMS) is a software that manage or organize the data in a database. We can arrange the data in a tabular form (i.e. in row or column). It helps the user to retrieve the data from the database.

Best examples of DBMS are – MYSQL, ORACLE, dBase etc.

2. Structured Query Language (SQL) :
Structured Query Language (SQL) is designed for managing data in a relational database management system(RDBMS). SQL helps in storing, manipulating, and retrieving data in databases.

Best examples of SQL are :- MYSQL, SQL server.

Difference between DBMS and SQL :

Database management system (DBMS)

Structured Query Language (SQL)

1. It is used to manage the database.

For example:- MYSQL, oracle.

1. It is a query language not a database.
2. It performs various operation like database creation, storing data, updating data.2. It performs various operation on a database like creation, deletion and modification.
3. It provides security to the database.3. It is designed for managing data in RDMS (Relational database management system)
4. It contains automatic backup and database recovery.4. It allows the user to create a view stored procedure function in database.
5. It can control data redundancy (i.e. it stores all the data in one single database file.)5. It helps in creating, updating , deleting data from the database.
6. It can reduce complex relationship between data.6. It consists of different types of SQL languages like DDL, DML, TCL.


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Last Updated : 18 Jun, 2021
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