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Difference between Coordination and Cooperation

Last Updated : 11 Jan, 2024
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Effective coordination cannot be achieved without cooperation, so a manager should try to achieve both coordination and cooperation. Coordination and cooperation are two wheels of a bicycle. If any one wheel is missing, then the bicycle cannot function. Similarly, both coordination and cooperation are necessary for an organisation. Even though they depend on each other, Coordination and Cooperation are different from each other.

Difference between Coordination and Cooperation

What is Coordination?

Coordination is a managerial activity that correlates and integrates all the activities and goals of an organisation. It is a continuous process. It aims at achieving the business goals effectively and efficiently. 

What is Cooperation?

Cooperation is the collective effort made by individuals to achieve a common goal. It is a voluntary activity, and its main aim is to help each other. Cooperation arises due to the desire of the people to work together.

Difference between Coordination and Cooperation





Coordination is an orderly arrangement of group efforts to provide unity of action in the pursuit of common objectives. Cooperation is the collective efforts of a group to accomplish particular objectives. It means mutual help willingly.

Management process         

Coordination is a part of the management process. Cooperation is not a part of management. It is a voluntary activity. 


It is achieved through both formal and informal relations. It arises out of informal relations.


Coordination is not possible without cooperation. Cooperation is fruitless without coordination.

Managerial function

Coordination is present in all functions of an organization. Cooperation is a voluntary effort of individuals to work together by helping each other.


Coordination is the essence of management. Cooperation is not the essence of management.


The function of coordination is performed by top management. The functions of cooperation are prepared by persons at any level.


Its scope is wider than the cooperation. It has a narrow scope as it is a part of coordination.

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