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Difference between Component and Object

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1. Component : A component is a collection of objects that furnish a set of offerings to different systems. They have many elements in frequent with objects.Components can also be run both locally or in a distributed fashion. Many examples of locally run components exist and are oftentimes used to supply precise performance to exterior programs.Components are a self-contained entity that exports performance to its surroundings and might also additionally import functionality from its surroundings the use of well-defined and open interfaces. Components Provide offerings to different structures and Use referred to interfaces to engage with different structures. 2. Object : The object is a real-world entity which is a bundle of data and its conduct (often acknowledged as methods). These real-world objects share two characteristics, they have states and behaviors. For example, House is an object having Address, color (state) and Open window, close door (Behavior). Objects are key to grasp object-oriented technology. An object is created from class as class provides the blueprint for an object.
Difference between Component and Object :
S.No. Component Object
1. A component can be considered as a series of one or more classes. An object is created from the class.
2. Components use continual storage. Objects have a local state.
3. Components are like black boxes. Objects are characterized via a white box.
4. Components have a greater massive set of intercommunication mechanisms. Objects commonly use Messaging mechanisms.
5. Components assist third party composition. Objects do now not assist plug and play through the third party.
6. A component can be implemented in any programming language unlike a object. An object can be implemented only in Object oriented programming language.
7. A component have persistence. An object does not have persistence.
8. A component is usually static. An object is dynamic.

Last Updated : 17 Jul, 2020
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