Difference between Advanced Analytics and Business Intelligence

1. Advanced Analytics :
Advanced analytics goes beyond commercial enterprise intelligence by means of the use of state-of-the-art modelling strategies to predict future activities or find out patterns which can’t be detected otherwise.

2. Business Intelligence :
Business intelligence or BI historically focuses on the use of a constant set of metrics to measure previous overall performance and information commercial enterprise planning. It consists of querying, reporting and online analytical processing or OLAP.

Difference between Advanced Analytics and Business Intelligence :

S.No. Advanced Analytics Business Intelligence
1. It is future events oriented. It is rear view oriented.
2. It includes Big Data but not frequently use. It works more frequently with Big Data.
3. It contains both, structured Data Types & Unstructured Data Types. It contains structured data types mainly.
4. In this, knowledge is automatically generated. In this, you have yo manually generate knowledge.
5. Business Analyst and users, Data Scientists are the major users of it. Main Users including Business users.
6. It uses Proactive management approach. It follows Reactive business strategies to process information.
7. It has Some common type of questions such as What happened, When? It includes questions such as What is next? What will happen after this?

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