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DFD for Food Ordering System

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Food Ordering System is actually a type of software that allows the manager of restaurants to manage and accept the placed orders over the Internet or in the restaurant. Let us understand the working of the food ordering system by using DFD (Data Flow Diagram). DFD for Food Ordering System is shown below. Here, different levels of DFD are shown for Food Ordering System such as Level 0 DFD, Level 1 DFD, Level 2 DFD, and Level 3 DFD.
  1. Level 0 DFD – At this level, the Input and Output of the system are shown. The system is designed and established across the world with input and output at this level. Food Ordering System has the following input :
    • Food order is input as the customer’s order for food.
    Food Ordering System has the following output:
    • Receipt of the order.
    • For further processing the order, the food order is passed to the kitchen.
    • The restaurant manager gets the report of Bill and Management.

  2. Level 1 DFD – For processing the order, process 1.0 is responsible. For food, the housekeeping activities involved are represented by processes 2.0, 3.0, and 4.0. The detailed information about daily sold items should be available to create and report management and the list of items that are available ‘in-stock’ should be kept by maintaining the inventory data (describes the records of datasets such as their name, their content, source, many useful information, etc.) at the same time. Hence, two data stores are used in this level of DFD given below :
    • Database of Sold items
    • Inventory database
    In the end, with the use of the amount of daily sold items and daily inventory depletion, it is easy to prepare a report of management. Further, the restaurant manager gets this report of management.

  3. Level 2 DFD – Detailed information about “Processing of an Order” is shown below :

  4. Level 3 DFD – More detailed information about the activity of the “Generate Management Report” is given at this level of DFD. Having access to data of sold items and data of inventory should be available for generating the report of management. Then, both data of solid items and data of inventory need to be aggregated after which the restaurant manager should get the report of management that is prepared from the above calculations. The above details are shown below:

Last Updated : 12 Jun, 2020
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