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Deutsche Bank Interview Experience | Set 4 (On Campus for Graduate Analyst)

Last Updated : 08 Sep, 2017
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Round 1 :
2 coding questions with 10 MCQs on CS Fundamentals. Time 1.5 Hrs.
1. The minimum number of key presses to move from one song to another in a circular playlist.
2. Longest palindromic subsequence

MCQs were of easy level.

30 out of 95 candidates were selected for the following rounds.

Round 2 :
This round was a technical interview that lasted for roughly 70 minutes.
1. Tell me about yourself.

2. What is your favorite subject? I answered DBMS. So she started asking questions from DBMS.
a. What is Entity?
b. Design an ER diagram for IRCTC. What are the attributes and primary keys in the tables? What derived attribute can be there in the design?
c. What different normal forms do we have? Give the definitions of 1NF, 2NF & 3NF. Given a STUDENT(Roll,Name,Ph_No) schema where Ph_No is multi-valued attribute, what are the 1NF & 2NF normal forms?

3. She then shifted to DSA.
a. Implement a queue with two stacks.
b. Construct BST from a given array(i.e. inserting elements of the array from left to right to a BST)
c. Write pseudocodes for insertion and search of an element in a BST with illustration.
d. She asked me what all sorting algorithms do I know. I answered Selection sort, Bubble sort, Insertion sort ,Merge Sort & Quick sort. She asked me which one was my favourite and why. I told merge sort. She then gave me an example array and illustrate all the basic algorithms like selection sort, bubble sort, insertion sort and merge sort. I was then asked to write a code for the merge operation in merge sort.
4. Do you have any questions for us? I asked about the fields that deutsche bank work on. In this regard, she told me that she wanted to ask me about my projects if time permitted.

10 candidates proceeded for next rounds that contained another tech round and one HR round. Finally 4 students got the job offer.

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