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Deutsche Bank Interview Experience | On Campus 2018

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Round 1: Online screening test (time: 1.30 hrs) CGPA cutoff : 7.0

It Consists of 5 MCQs. All the 5 questions were asked on OOPS. (C++/JAVA)

There were two Coding questions :

  1. Longest Increasing Subsequence, A Standard Dynamic Programming problem.

  1. Given an array of points on the xy plane in the form of strings.

We should make zig zag moves, from (x, y) -> (x, y+h), (x, y+h) -> (x+d, y),

(x+d, y) -> (x+d, y+h)..etc. We need to find the maximum points. Sorry this problem

needs visualization in xy plane. (could’nt make it clear)

Around 100 people attended the test and 26 were able to clear the first round. Those who’ve

done one coding question completely (or) partially with MCQs could make out to further process.

Round 2: Technical

The interviewer asked me to briefly explain about the projects mentioned in resume.

Then he asked me three coding questions :

  1. Given a string (Sentence) ; eg:  i/p : My name is Shady

o/p:   M  n  i   S

y   a   s  h

m     a

e      d


Use 2-d array and insert the characters into the array and print them.

  1. Given an array of integers and we need to print the subarray with largest sum

Use window size of four. I’ve done it in O(n).

Eg:  i/p: {3, 5, 6, 2, 9, 4, 7} o/p: {2, 9, 4, 7}

  1. Given a linked list that takes characters (alphabet or integers) as the data. We need

to find the missing character.

Eg:  Given linked list:  a->b->d->e->f->g      o/p: c

1->2->3->5->6->7->8      o/p: 4

Overall the interview was cool and the interviewer was too cooperative.

After first round 16 people could make into the 2nd round.

Round 3:  Group activity

Total 16 students were divided into two groups. Each group were given some set of legos

and we need to construct a bridge using those legos. The interviewers will observe us.

This was not an elimination round. They wants to test our leadership skills and thinking


Round 4: Technical 

The questions were totally asked on object oriented programming. Data abstraction,

Encapsulation etc. He asked me to write a code for a customer to get the details of his

account like name, account balance using classes and the data must be accessed only

by the customer. And then he asked me to write a code for the deletion of an element from

an array ( in-place deletion rather than printing the required elements and do not use extra

memory ).

The interviewer had brought some set of MCQs and he asked me to choose the correct

options for those questions. The questions were on polymorphism in C++/JAVA.

Total 11 students could make into the final round.

Round 5: Technical + HR

The interview has a panel of two people. They asked me to introduce and tell something

about me. Then one of them asked me to explain the projects that I’ve done. Then the other

person asked the differences between C and C++. And asked me to write a code on how

overloading and overriding works in C++. Then they gave another question:

Write a code to get the number of notes from an ATM machine such that only 500

rupee notes are to be processed and five 100 rupee rupee notes are to be processed.

Then they asked me to differentiate between different sorting algorithms. ( The question

was like, if you had bubble sort algo  then what is the need of merge and quick sort )

They asked me whether I had any questions for them. I asked them a question.

Finally they recruited 8 students.


Make clear understanding of the Object Oriented concepts. Refer GeeksForGeeks for C++ and Data Structures.

Be confident and answer the questions confidently.


Last Updated : 13 Sep, 2018
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